How to create aia file

What app can open AIA file?

App Inventor for Android project. Through our analysis of AIA files, we know that one use of the format is App Inventor for Android project.

How do you get AIA file in MIT App Inventor?

Choose File | Export Project to export the source code (blocks) for your project to your computer’s download folder. The source code is downloaded in a . aia file. You can open an aia and load it into the Designer with File | Import Project .

How do I open an AIA file?

AIA extension are text files with an action list for the Adobe Illustrator software. Due to the coding type, it can be viewed using a simple text editor. The Adobe Illustrator software is meant for designing and editing vector graphics.

How do I download an AIA file?

How do I upload my AIA file to Thunkable 2020?

Step 2. Upload app project file (. aia) to Thunkable
  1. Sign into Thunkable
  2. Click on the “Apps” tab on the top left of your screen.
  3. Click “Upload app project (.aia) from my computer”
  4. Select the project that you previously downloaded.