How to make a mala necklace

Is it disrespectful to wear a mala as a necklace?

Traditional malas are almost always worn on the right hand, wrapped around the wrist like a bracelet. … For example, it is not appropriate for your beads, either necklaces or bracelets, to ever touch the ground.

How do I make my own Mala?

Make your own Mala in 6 Easy Steps
  1. Find Meaning. Think about what you are needing most in your life at this moment. …
  2. Purchase Your Supplies. Choose with intention! …
  3. Tassel and Guru Bead. Loop your cord through your tassel, making sure both sides of cord are equal in length. …
  4. Add Your Beads One Side At A Time. …
  5. Final Knot.

How many beads are on a mala necklace?

108 beadsBut wait, what does it actually signify and why does it have 108 beads? There has been a rise in people wearing mala necklaces in western culture and especially among today’s spiritual-seeking nomads.

How can you tell if mala beads are real?

One of the major factors you will want to consider when selecting your mala beads is authenticity. Most authentic malas have knots in between the beads to make counting them easier. The ones that are made to be worn around the wrist, however, normally do not have these knots.

What does the tassel on a mala mean?

Mala Beads are commonly finished with a tassel, often made of silk or cotton. The tassel represents connection to spirit, or your highest truth. … Malas can also be made without a tassel. You may choose to simply finish your mala with the guru bead and skip the tassel, or you may finish your mala with a charm instead.

Why is 108 sacred?

Rae notes that renowned mathematicians of Vedic culture viewed 108 as a number of the wholeness of existence. This number also connects the Sun, Moon, and Earth: The average distance of the Sun and the Moon to Earth is 108 times their respective diameters.

How do you attach a premade tassel to a mala?

Can you wear more than one mala?

You can wear one, two, three, as many as you like. Layer multiple bracelets on your wrist and set specific intentions for each mala. Seeing and touching your mala bracelets throughout the day can help remind you of your positive affirmations.

What thread do you use for mala beads?

Cotton, nylon, hemp or silk are the most common stringing materials used for malas, which are easy to knot. Lastly, malas are often finished with a tassel made from the same stringing material as the mala. Other adornments are up to you!

What is the Buddhist prayer?

Namo Amida Buddha. O Blessed One, Shakyamuni Buddha, Precious treasury of compassion, Bestower of supreme inner peace, You, who love all beings without exception, Are the source of happiness and goodness; And you guide us to the liberating path.

What religion is the mala beads?

Mala beads, commonly known as a japa mala or simply a mala, are a type of prayer beads. Prayer beads have been used for centuries by a range of religions, from Hinduism to Catholicism. Today, they’re sometimes used as a mindfulness aid without any religious affiliation.

Can I use embroidery thread for Mala?

Mala Bead Necklace DIY Directions

Use the embroidery thread to thread your beads. This necklace used the entire length of the thread, without cutting the length down at all. As you thread each bead, tie a double knot with the embroidery thread at the base of the latest bead.

How do you make a tassel for a mala necklace?

What size cord do I need for 8mm beads?

Bead Hole Sizes
Wonder Beads
Bead Size Hole Size mm / inches Maximum Wrapping Wire Gauge
4mm 1mm / 0.041″ 21
6mm 1mm / 0.041″ 21
8mm 1mm / 0.041″ 21

What is S Lon thread?

Super-Lon, also known as S-Lon, is a twisted nylon multi-filament cord in an medium #18 size. It’s ideal for stringing, bead crochet and micro-macramé jewelry! Measurements: The thread is 0.5mm thick. The spool has 77 yards of thread.