How to create a magicjack account

How do I create a magicJack account?

Is Magic Jack still available?

With the rise in the ubiquity of the smartphone, many people don’t even have a home phone anymore, but MagicJack is still around, and actually offers more now than it ever has.

Can you buy magicJack at Walmart?

magicJack GO Digital Phone Service (Includes 12 Months of Service) – –

Does magicJack work with WIFI?

Wi-Fi Support

MagicJack may be used with a computer that has a Wi-Fi connection. The Wi-Fi network must be linked to a broadband Internet connection such as DSL or cable. Once a computer is connected to the Internet, the MagicJack software interface appears and a user may dial the number of his choice.

Does magicJack work without Internet?

magicJack cannot be used without an internet connection. The analog version of magicJack needed both a computer and an internet connection to receive and make calls. Upgrades to magicJack have made it possible for users to use magicJack without computers but will still need internet to communicate via calls.

Is there a monthly fee for magicJack?

Even though magicJack advertises that it doesn’t have a monthly fee, it does have an annual fee of $39 or a 3-year plan for $89. When it comes to hardware costs, the Ooma Telo device is more expensive at $99.99, whereas the magicJack Go ATA device is only $35.

Can I connect magicJack to my router?

You need to connect your magicJack GO device to the power adapter that came with the device with the USB port and the USB cable that was also provided, upon purchase. Once the device is connected to the power adapter, you should connect it to either your router or modem with the provided ethernet cable.

How do I activate magicJack at home?

If your device is not detected, plug your magicJack into your computer’s USB port. For PC, the magicJack Desktop Application will automatically launch. For MAC, double-click the magicJack icon to launch the Desktop Application. The Application will guide you through the Activation process.

Can I use magicJack on my cell phone?

Download now and login to magicApp with your existing magicJack email and password to make and receive calls over Wi-Fi. magicApp Features: * magicJack customers can enjoy texting to any U.S. mobile number using magicApp – your friends & family don’t have to download the app to text!

Can you text with magicJack app?

“This means our App subscriber can call, send and receive texts to any mobile number in the U.S. without the need for the other party to have the same app. Today with the magicJack App for Android, consumers can now radically cut their cost for mobile phone and text service.

Is Magic Jack app free?

No, it’s not “free to other MagicJack users and 5 cents/minute to landlines,” but just plain free to any number in North America. The new MagicJack app lets you make unlimited free calls to the U.S. and Canada, no strings attached, no credit card required.

How can I get magicJack for free?

FREE magicApp Companion App

Any existing magicJack customer with a compatible iOS or Android device can access the magicApp. To get started: Simply download the app from the iTunes store or Google Play store. Then, login using your magicJack username and password (the same one you use for the magicJack website)

How many phones can be connected to magicJack?

In this manner, how many phones can be connected to magicJack? On the MagicJack device there is a single telephone line connection, initially allowing you to plug in one telephone. However, it is possible to connect two different phones into the MagicJack, as long as you have the correct adapter.

What is the difference between Magic Jack and magicJack plus?

The Magic Jack Plus offers all of the options of the Magic Jack Go, but also includes very low international calling rates (for the entire world), free voicemail options (for both home and business services), and gives caller ID options for both as well.

What’s the difference between magicJack home and magicJack go?

magicJack Go we found that the new device is essentially the same as the magicJack Go but white in color and slightly cheaper initially, though it only comes with 3 months of free service time as opposed to a full year with the magicJack Go.

How do I activate an old magicJack?

Keeping this in consideration, how do I activate an old magicJack? Plug the magicJack into a USB port of your computer (PC or MAC). If using a MAC, double click the magicJack icon that appears. If using a PC, the magicJack software will load automatically.

Can I buy a used magicJack?

If you don’t already own a MagicJack, you can pick up a used one on eBay for around $10 or $15.

How do I replace my magicJack device?

To replace a lost, stolen, or broken device: Log in to the portal using the email address and password you used when you registered your magicJack. Under the Account tab, click Device Replacement. Follow the prompts to purchase a replacement device.

How do I find my magicJack number?

How do I get a telephone number with magicJack? You will select a telephone number during the registration process. You will have the option to select a Canadian or vanity number for an additional $10 annual fee, a custom number for a $3 annual fee, or port an existing number for a $19.95 one-time fee.

Can you have two numbers on magicJack?

No, only one phone number is assigned to your Magic Jack device.

Does magicJack have Caller ID with Name?

Edit. MagicJack does not provide for caller ID name display. It will only display the caller’s number. Both the caller’s number and name are displayed.