How to create a battle card

What are battle cards?

Battle cards are visual aids comparing your company’s product, service, features, and/or pricing to one or many competitors. Typically a one-pager, a battle card is a quick way to provide an overview of your competitors and to see how you stack up against them in crucial areas of performance and value.

What is a competitor Battlecard?

Competitive battlecards are small but mighty sales enablement tools that will allow your sales reps to stay on top of the competition and handle any competitive objections that come their way.

What makes a good Battlecard?

Battlecards are the key to winning any competitive situation, so make sure to keep 3 things in mind when building them: Ensure battlecards are continuously updated with market changes, discoverable by reps, and measurable. Keep content short, digestible, and framed for a sales rep.

What is a sales eliminate sheet?

A battlecard is a document with competitor intel such as product information, pricing, and talking points that will help a sales rep win a competitive deal. These documents dig into critical pieces of data that allow your team to position themselves as the best solution for prospects.