How to create a guest list

How do I create a guest list in Excel?

That’s why I recommend creating it in Excel or Google Sheets, rather than writing it down on paper or creating a Word document.

Next, create a columns such as:

  1. Guest Name.
  2. Address.
  3. Phone Number.
  4. Email Address.
  5. Number of Guests Invited.
  6. RSVP Received.
  7. Dietary Restrictions.
  8. Gift Description.

How do you Organise a wedding guest list?

  1. Write a List of Everyone You’d Even Consider Inviting. Sometimes, you have to go big to get smaller.
  2. Separate Out Your Top Tier Guests.
  3. Work Out How Many Guests You Can Realistically Afford.
  4. Consider Your Parents’ Input.
  5. Be Fair With Family.
  6. Stagger Your Invites.
  7. Remember How You Feel When You Aren’t Invited to a Wedding.

How do I create a guest list on the knot?

You can add more guests if you realize they were not included on your The Knot guest list file. Simply click the “Add Guest List” button on the left side bar menu and enter your guest’s first name, last name, phone number, and WedTexts group. Then Click “Add Guest”.