How to create a spectrum account

Why can’t I create a spectrum account?

If you’re having trouble signing in, try clearing your cache. If you already have a Spectrum username, you can sign in to to view and pay your bill, manage your account and more. If you don’t have a Spectrum username yet, you can create one. Find out more about the Spectrum username/password guidelines.

Can I sign up for Spectrum online?

In order to sign up for Spectrum Mobile, you must be a Spectrum Internet customer. To order Spectrum Internet service, visit

Does spectrum provide email service?

If you’re a Spectrum Internet customer and you want a Spectrum email account, you can request it using your Spectrum online account. Once you’ve set up your master email account, you can add up to five email addresses. If you don’t already have one, you’ll need to create a username for your online account.

Can I have 2 Spectrum accounts?

With Charter Spectrum, you can own several accounts with different addresses. There is no problem. You are billed for each one, no sharing of equipment is allowed. You may be restricted to not having multiple accounts with the same billing address.

Does spectrum Internet require a contract?

Spectrum is a contract-free provider, meaning none of its packages require service agreements or commitments.

Can I use someone else’s spectrum login?

But, be aware that while you can have as many users as you want connected on your home Wi-Fi, using your Spectrum Apps outside the home is limited to two simultaneous streams.

Can I have two modems on spectrum?

The other answers detail other options but to answer your question directly, yes you can have more than one modem on one account and in one household on a standard DOCSIS 2/3/4.0 (cable) network, even on the same split coax line right next to each other as long as it’s a decent splitter.

How do I get a new spectrum modem?

To get a replacement modem, contact us or visit a Spectrum store. Please recycle your old modem or bring it to a Spectrum store for proper disposal. If you do a modem swap with us, you’ll receive a mail return label in your package, which can be used to return your old modem.

Can I use an old spectrum modem?

Spectrum does not charge a modem rental fee, and if you use Spectrum’s modem, you are assured of having an updated modem that is compatible with whatever speed package you subscribe to, and if the packages change, you can replace it with another Spectrum modem at no charge. Use Spectrum’s modem.

Does spectrum provide free modem?

All Spectrum Internet deals require two pieces of equipment to get up and running: a modem and a router. The modem translates Internet signal, and the router distributes it as WiFi in your home. Spectrum includes the modem free on all plans.

What type of modem do I need for spectrum Internet?

All Spectrum approved modems
Modem Channels WiFi Speed
Netgear C3700-100NAS 8×4 600 mbps
Netgear C3000-100NAS 8×4 300 mbps
Arris SBG6580 8×4 600 mbps
Arris SB6120 4×4

How much does spectrum WiFi cost?

Price for Internet is $49.99/mo for yr. 1; standard rates apply after yr 1. Taxes, fees and surcharges (broadcast surcharge up to $16.45/mo.) extra and subject to change during and after the term; installation, equipment and additional services are extra.

Is the spectrum router any good?

While that’s great and generous perk from Charter Spectrum, there are no guarantees that the wireless router you will or have received is any good. If you’re considering getting a new router, here are our top 5 best wireless routers in 2021 that specifically work well with Charter Spectrum’s new 100 Mbps internet plan.