How to create a meetup event

How much does it cost to start a Meetup?

Organizers pay between $9.99 and $23.99 a month, depending on location and the subscription model of choice. This allows you to organize up to three groups with unlimited members.

How do I start a free Meetup group?

Here’s an overview of how you’ll create your Meetup group, from start to finish.
  1. Create a group. Decide what the group is about, who should join, and what you’ll do at your events.
  2. Review and submit. Your group will be reviewed and shared with members who have similar interests.
  3. Plan your first event.

How do Meetup groups make money?

Meetup dot com makes money by charging the organizers of groups. There are currently two types of Organizer Subscription Plans: Basic and Unlimited. The Basic Organizer Subscription plan enables organizers to have up to 3 other organizers on their Leadership Team and up to 50 members in their Meetup Group.

How much does it cost to start a Meetup Group UK?

Setting up Meetup account

Joining Meetup as a participant is free however being a Meetup group organisor costs approximately £50 for 6 months and this will entitle you to run 3 Meetup groups.

How can I start my own group?

How to Start a Successful Group Guide
  1. Step 1 – Write a Vision. Imagine what the group might ideally look like after it’s established and been around for a year.
  2. Step 2 – Invite people to start a group with you.
  3. Step 3 – Organize a first meeting.
  4. Step 4 – Develop group structure.
  5. Step 5 – Public Kickoff.

How do I invite someone to my Meetup group?

Go to your Group page > Scroll down to the tabs and click “Invite” > Type in the email(s) of anyone you want to invite (separated by space, or a comma)> Press send.

How do I create a Meetup on Zwift?

Find the profile of a rider you want to meet up with in Zwift Companion and tap “Create Meetup.” You can also go to Events, tap the Meetup icon, and click “Create Meetup“. If you have a friend on Zwift whom you would like to invite, simply press the plus button and type their name into the search box.

Can you create your own route on Zwift?

It is possible to create a route from scratch using an online (bike) route tool, such as After creating the route you can download a GPX file of the route.

Can you talk on Zwift?

As you ride around, you may have noticed the little speech bubbles next to the rider list on the right side of the screen. This is Zwift’s chat feature! By using either your computer keyboard or the Zwift Companion (ZC) app, you can send messages to other Zwifters.

How do I join a Zwift ride?

You have to click ‘Ride‘ in order to access the group. It doesn’t matter what world/course you’re on. Once you’re in the system, around 3-5 mins before ride start, a button will pop up in the bottom left asking you to join the ride. Once you’ve joined you can sit and spin/warm up until go time.

How late can you join a Zwift ride?

If you‘re riding on Zwift before an event to warm up, you can join the event up to 15 minutes before it starts. When you join the event, your progress up to that point will be saved as a separate fit file, so don’t worry about losing any progress.

How do you become a tour of Watopia?

Registration is now open at, although ToW events are not yet on the calendar. Note: registering really just sets you up to get some email reminders of upcoming stages – you will still need to sign up for specific events in order to ride or run the ToW.

What rides are available on Zwift?

There are currently 80 “free-ridable” routes on Zwift, so this is the list of routes we’ll be riding.

How It Works

  • 1 Bidon: 34 routes.
  • 2 Bidon: 19 routes.
  • 3 Bidon: 13 routes.
  • 4 Bidon: 9 routes.
  • 5+ Bidons: 5 routes.

What is the flattest course on Zwift?

Welcome to the flattest route on Zwift! “Tempus Fugit” is a flat and fast out and back, giving you 20km of desert road perfect for TT racing or any ride where you want to hold steady power.

How long is Alpe du Zwift?

How long is Alpe du Zwift? Just like the Alpe d’Huez from the Tour de France, this route is 12.24 km (7.6 miles) long, with a total elevation gain of over 1000 meters (3400′)!

Is Zwift worth the money?

IMO Zwift is absolutely worth it. I could never ride a stationary bike inside for more than 10 minutes before wanting to get off but Zwift has really found ways to get me engaged with indoor cycling. To be honest I haven’t experienced any stability issues with the software.

Is there a free alternative to Zwift?

One such option is RGT Cycling, which is a Zwift-like platform. RGT is free but they also have a paid subscription that offers more features. RGT is similar to Zwift in that there is a screen app for riding and a mobile app for pretty much everything else. Open up both and activate the screen app from the mobile app.

Which is better Zwift or peloton?

If your main focus is to become a faster cyclist, you should go with Zwift. Zwift workouts are all built with cycling specific fitness in mind. The entire app is built around cycling as a sport. Peloton, on the other hand, is built around the idea of riding an indoor spin bike like the classes you see at gyms.

How expensive is Zwift?

Q: How much does it cost to ride on Zwift? A: USD $14.99/month (or local equivalent) plus sales/local taxes based on regions/postal codes.

Can I ride Zwift for free?

The four main ways you can ride in Zwift are a free ride, group ride, racing, and workout mode. With all, you will be riding the “gamified” routes created by Zwift, with other riders around you. Besides the social rides and races, the workouts (pre-made or customized) give you a variety of options.

Can beginners use Zwift?

An entry-level wheel-on trainer is a good starting point to see if you’ll like ‘Zwifting’ before committing big money. Once you’ve sourced yourself a cheap turbo trainer, all you have to do is add a Bluetooth or ANT+ speed/cadence sensor and you’re good to go.

Can my wife and I share Zwift account?

You can have separate profiles, but you need two accounts, both has to pay to use Zwift.