How to create a fastag account

How do I register with FASTag?

If you wish to apply for it offline, you can visit any of the Point of Sale (POS) terminals located at Toll Plazas. For online application, you can register for a FASTag from any of the issuer agencies. You will have to upload documents online, make the purchase and your FASTag will be delivered to your doorstep.

How do I get details of my FASTag?

If you are a prepaid FASTag customer and have registered your mobile number with the prepaid wallet of the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), you can know your balance by giving a missed call to the toll-free number: +91-8884333331. This is available 24×7.

How can I register for SBI FASTag?

How to get SBI FASTag? To create a tag account, visit any of the Point of Sale (POS) locations of SBI’s authorised agencies at the toll plazas. Drive your vehicle to the POS location to get the FASTag affixed to its windscreen. Carry original KYC documents along with its photocopies to the POS location.

Which bank FASTag is best?

Airtel fastag is best as it can be recharged easily through almost all means like Cards, BHIM upi ,Paytm, airtel bank ..etc . But dont choose bank of baroda it is 100% non responsive.

Is FASTag mandatory?

FASTag, India’s electronic toll collection chip for national highways, is mandatory for all vehicles. The government is keen on moving to a system wherein 100 per cent of the toll collected are through FASTag and no cash handling at toll plazas.

Can I use FASTag without sticker?

FASTags will be mandatory in a matter of a few hours. The government had earlier delayed the date to make FASTags mandatory from 1 January to 15 February, 2021. FASTag is a tag or a sticker that needs to be affixed on the windscreen of a vehicle.

Can I get FASTag instantly?

Can I get FASTag immediately? In a bid to get FASTag quickly, you can also visit or approach banks like ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Airtel Payments Bank, State Bank of India, Kotak Bank, Axis Bank, and Paytm Payments Bank. To purchase FASTag via a bank, the vehicle owner will have to visit their website.

What happens if you dont buy FASTag?

What happens if you reach a toll plaza without a FASTag on your vehicle? The government, while mandating the FASTag, said that the vehicles crossing toll plazas, from the dedicated FASTag lane, without FASTags will have to pay double fees applicable to the type of vehicle.

Can I have 2 FASTag for one car?

You cannot use 2 FASTag for one car. You need to have a separate FASTag for each of your cars. If you have 2 cars, then you will need 2 FASTags, which you can either buy from the same bank or different banks.

Can I get FASTag immediately at toll plaza?

Can I get FASTag immediately. The best way to get your tag fast is to get to a toll booth nearby. Most banks and digital payment sources have created temporary booths where people have been designated to sell the tags.

How can I get a free FASTag?

As per the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, the vehicle owners can get FASTag for free by visiting any authorized physical point of sale locations across the country.

Who gives free FASTag?

The NHAI (National Highways Authority of India) is providing FASTags free of cost as the December 1 deadline approaches. NHAI is also providing the security deposit for each account, to encourage vehicle owners to immediately switch to electronic toll payment.

Can I buy FASTag from bank?

FASTags are available at toll plazas, apps such as Paytm and Airtel Payments Bank, as well as at banks including SBI, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, and Axis Bank. Vehicle owners can go to any of the Point of the Sale (POS) locations at toll plazas/ issuer agencies to create their FASTag accounts.

Is FASTag free of cost?

FASTag to be available free of charge for 15 days. Road users can visit any authorised point-of-sale location with a valid registration certificate (RC) of the vehicle and get an NHAI FASTag free of cost.

Which bank is offering free FASTag?

National Highways Authority of India or NHAI, which is implementing the ambitious FASTag project, has ‘requested’ all banks to provide free FASTags for all users. This request has been made to ICICI Bank, HDFC, SBI, Kotak Mahindra and others.

Is HDFC FASTag free?

FASTag has a onetime Fee of Rs. How can I buy FASTag? You may visit any of the Point of Sale (POS) locations at Toll Plazas / HDFC Bank Sales offices to get your tag account created. You may call our customer care @ 1800 120 1243 to know more details.

How can I get free FASTag from HDFC?

You can get FASTag done through any of the Point of Sale (POS) locations / HDFC Bank authorised Agent Sales offices. You can call customer care at 1800-120-1243 to know more details, or do FASTag online registration here.

Where can I complain about HDFC FASTag?

HDFC FASTag Helpline number
  • For any services and sales queries call 1800-120-1243.
  • For Emergency roadside assistance call 022-67872087.
  • If you have any issues with your FASTag then simply dial to helpline number 1033.

What is minimum balance in HDFC FASTag?

FASTag Fees
NPCI Vehicle Class Security Deposit Minimum Balance
Class 5 Light commercial vehicle 2-axle ₹300 ₹200
Class 6 Bus 3-axle ₹400 ₹500
Class 6 Truck 3-axle ₹500 ₹500
Class 7 Bus 2-axle / mini bus, truck 2-axle ₹400 ₹500

How can I get HDFC FASTag?

How to get FASTag?
  1. Log on to the HDFC Bank FASTag portal.
  2. Select the option of login.
  3. Click on first-time user and continue.
  4. Fill in your details.
  5. Make the payment.
  6. Have the card delivered to your doorstep.

What is minimum balance for FASTag?

National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has decided to remove the mandatory threshold amount for FASTag account which a user was was required to pay in addition to the security deposit for passenger segment vehicles.