How to create trading partner in sap

How do I setup a trading partner in SAP?

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  1. Trading partner needs to be activated for the document type you are. using. OBA7.
  2. If an intercompany posting, the trading partner needs to be assigned. to the GL account and the relevant intercompany vendor/customer account. if appropriate.
  3. You can bulid a validation to make trading partner a mandatory field.

How do you define a trading partner in SAP?

Trading Partner is a term used in trade and commerce and is generally defined as: One of the two or more participants in an ongoing business relationship. Trading Partner has a similar meaning in the context of SAP Finance and Controlling, and speaks about the business relationship among company codes.

How do I assign a trading partner to a company code?

Trading Partner field is defined in the configuration for “Company” (field RASSC) and stored in Table T880.
  1. Transaction OX15 – Define Company (updates T880)
  2. Transaction OX16 – Assign Company Code to Company.

How do you make a trading partner a required entry?

  1. How can we make Trading Partner a required entry while posting financial accounting documents for certain GL Accounts? There are three possible alternatives to achieve this goal: Field Status Groups, Document Types and FI Validation.
  2. 2) Document Types.
  3. 3) FI Validation.
  4. Prerequisite:
  5. Check:
  6. Conclusion.

Where can I find a trading partner in SAP?

The trading partner field is copied into the account receivable and payable transactions from the customer and vendor master. The Trading partner field also appears in the line items of the offsetting clearing accounts via substitutons.

What is Vbund?

VBUND is a standard field within SAP Table kna1 that stores Trading Partner information. You could also view this information on your SAP system if you enter the table name KNA1 or data element RASSC into the relevant SAP transaction such as SE11 or SE80.

How do you maintain a trading partner?

Trading partner can be filled in App Maintain Business Partners under role Customer/Supplier->General Data-> Control tab (in German: Partnergesellschaft Nummer; technical field name VBUND).

How do you make trading partner field mandatory in SAP?

See SAP Note 1397715 Adding VBUND to the coding block. You can configure document types so Trading Partner is available for input by activating the following fields with transaction OBA7 (underlying table T003): Partner Company can be input (T003-XMGES)

How do I join a trading partner on FB50?

If you want trading partner field to be mandatory in FB50 then use transaction code SDH0 (Screen Variant) make the trading partner required field in the posting.