How to create rma for wd hdd

How do I return a WD hard drive?

Returns and Cancellations
  1. Request a Return. You will need to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number so your return can be processed.
  2. Write your RMA number on your return. Write your RMA number clearly on the outside of the package to be returned.
  3. Ship the product back to us.
  4. Keep your tracking number.

How long does Western Digital RMA take?

The entire RMA process took 27 days which could be better. There are no proactive engagement from Western Digital until I opened a email case on the 24th/25th day and contacted them via social media channels.

How much is WD hard drive warranty?

Recertified product purchases made on the WD Store website: Prior to August 20, 2019, carry a manufacturer’s limited warranty of 6 months. On or after August 20, 2019, carry a manufacturer’s limited warranty of 12 months.

How do I know if my WD hard drive is genuine?

Check the Device Manager– Connect the portable hard drive to Windows PC, and open the device manager (Win+R, type devmgmt. msc, press Enter) and check for the device name. The device name should match the portable drive brand.

Where is WD hard drive serial number?

Look on the side and bottom of the device for a sticker with a barcode. This sticker has a number labeled either “MDL” or “P/N.” This is your drive’s model number. There should also be another copy of this sticker on the box the drive was sold in.

How do I test my WD SSD?

What does WD warranty cover?

Western Digital may replace your Product with a product that was previously used, repaired and tested to meet Western Digital specifications. Western Digital warrants that the replaced Products are covered for the remainder of the original Product warranty or 90 days, whichever is greater.

How do I register my WD Passport?

Always register your My Passport Ultra drive to get the latest updates and special offers. You can easily register your drive using the WD Discovery software. Another way is to register online at

How do I create a WD account?

New User – Create an account
  1. First Name * First Name is required.
  2. Last Name * Last Name is required.
  3. Email * Email is required.
  4. Password * [Policy] Please enter a password. Password must contain: Minimum 8 characters atleast 1 Alphabet and 1 Number.
  5. Confirm Password * Your password entries did not match.

How do I unlock my WD drive?

▪ Go > Applications > WD Drive Utilities

On the Unlock Drive dialog: a. Type your password in the Password box. b. Click Unlock Drive.

How do I unlock my WD external hard drive if I forgot my password?

Generally, WD uses your password to lock and unlock the hard drive electronically. If you have WD unlocker forgot password, then the only way to unlock the hard drive is to erase the drive completely. While erasing the hard drive, all the data stored on it will be deleted.

How can I open a hard drive without password?

What is the default password for WD Passport?

The default user name of WD My Book is admin, and the default password is 123456.

How do I unlock my external hard drive?

How to Unlock a Hard Drive
  1. Step 1: Run a disk check. Install the boot disk or USB drive, and power the computer on.
  2. Step 2: Run a system file check. Boot the computer from the disk or USB as you did in step one.
  3. Step 3: Complete a startup repair.
  4. Step 4: Try a system restore.
  5. Step 5: Refresh your PC.

How do I fix D drive not accessible?

After the data recovery, you can try to format your hard drive to fix the “drive is not accessible” error. To do it, go to My Computer or This PC, right-click the disk you need to repair and then choose Format. In the pop-up window, you can set the file system and cluster size and then click the OK button.

How do I unlock my Seagate external hard drive?

You can enter your password using Toolkit. If Toolkit is not installed on the computer, you can run the appropriate Unlock Drive app for your operating system located on the drive.

Unlock the drive

  1. Open Toolkit.
  2. On the Main Menu, click on the device.
  3. Click Unlock.
  4. At the prompt, enter your password.
  5. Click Continue.

Can you password protect Seagate external hard drive?

Q: Can I protect my Seagate hard drive with a password? A: Yes, it is possible to protect the hard drive or individual folders and files with a password. Some versions of Windows have a built-in utility called Bitlocker that can protect hard drives with a password.

How can I put a password on my external hard drive without any software?