How to create a synthetic identity step by step

How do you create a synthetic identity?

To commit SIF, fraudsters begin by stealing legitimate Social Security numbers from people who aren’t using their credit – usually a child, a homeless person, or the recently deceased. To build a “syntheticidentity – or thousands of them – fraudsters add fake addresses, phone numbers, and even social media accounts.

What is a synthetic identity?

Synthetic identity theft, or synthetic identity fraud, occurs when a criminal creates an identity instead of stealing an existing one. In contrast, the more familiar form of identity theft involves using the actual name, Social Security number, and other personal data of a single victim.

Is it possible to fake an identity?

Synthetic identity fraud

Synthetic identities are fake identities that combine fake information with actual ID data. The fraudster can then use the fake identity to acquire driver’s licenses, passports and other real ID as well as credit cards and other accounts.

How do criminals get a new identity?

A very small number of criminals will become informants or witnesses against other criminals and be placed in the Witness Protection Program (WITSEC ), and thereby be given a new identity, but the number of such people is relatively tiny.