How to create portfolio on behance

How do I make a portfolio on Behance?

It really is quite simple, so you should be up and running in no time at all
  1. Register with Behance. Sign up for Behance using either your email address or via your social network.
  2. Your first project. Clearly marked buttons make it easy to get started.
  3. Choose tags.
  4. Add more projects.
  5. Add personal and work information.

Is Behance Portfolio free?

The Pros of Using Behance

Or, you can add a portfolio for free, with limited design and feature options. Behance is a platform that allows many people with web design careers to showcase their portfolios of visual work such as graphic design, fashion, illustration, photography, and more.

What is the difference between behance and portfolio?

Behance is the world’s largest platform to showcase and discover creative work. Behance and Adobe Portfolio are separate services, but the integration makes sharing across platforms easier by: Importing Behance Projects to Adobe Portfolio. Allowing you to share Portfolio pages to Behance.

How do I get my Behance portfolio link?

Click Settings. Click the Account Information tab. Click edit under Behance URL and choose a new URL.

Is behance worth it 2020?

If you are an artist looking for a place to showcase your work, Behance is worth it. The site is also valuable for artists who are looking for job opportunities. Since the site is free for artists, there is no reason not to use it.

Can I use Behance as portfolio?

Your Behance portfolio is most effective as a series of projects: one project per Behance page. If you don’t have much work to show, you could bundle many projects into a single Behance page. A Behance page shouldn’t display all of your work. It’s best to keep it short and sweet, selecting only your best pieces.

Can people steal my work from Behance?

Your Copyright Settings

The choices are either Creative Commons with varying degrees of control and sharing, or No Use which prohibits anyone from citing your work or using it in any way, even with attribution.

Can you make your Behance profile private?

All Behance profiles are visible to the public, so unfortunately this is not an option. You can restrict the ability to view projects by changing the privacy options in the project itself, but your profile still will be searchable via search engines. To restrict access to any project: Click on the Project.

How do I hide my followers on Behance?

To adjust your Privacy Settings:
  1. Go to the Project Editor of the Project.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Click Add co-owners, credits, and more.
  4. Select the Display tab.
  5. Select the audience for the Project (Everyone, Specific Members, Private)

How do I hide my Moodboard on Behance?

Setting a Moodboard Private
  1. Go to My Profile.
  2. Click the Moodboards tab.
  3. Select the Moodboard you’d like to manage.
  4. Click Edit Moodboard.
  5. Check the option to Make this Moodboard Private.

Can you share a moodboard on Behance?

Today, we‘re excited to announce Moodboards, a new way for you to collect and organize inspiration on Behance. With Behance Boards, you can save individual images as well as entire projects into moodboards, and add other Behance members as co-owners to better collaborate and share ideas.

How do I add multiple owners on Behance?

You can add multiple Co-owners.

Co-Owning A Project

  1. Go to the Project Editor of the Project.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Select the Add Co-Owners, Credits, and More link.
  4. Click Basic Info and then search for the username of the Co-owner in the box and select them.

How do I get to my Moodboard on Behance?

Click on Search and from there, click on Moodboards to browse. You can search by keywords and filter by time frame, Creative Fields, and Location. When you’ve found a Moodboard, click the blue Follow Moodboard button. Moodboards that you follow can be found in the Moodboard section of your Behance profile.

Where can I make a moodboard?

Launch Canva on mobile or desktop and sign up with your email, Facebook or Google account. If you already have an account, log in and search for “mood boards” to start designing. There’s a template for every theme with Canva’s wide range of mood board templates. Just click on a template to start designing.

What is add to Moodboard?

To add an image to a moodboard, hover over the image and click “Add to Moodboard.” Any collections you’ve created in the past will now appear as moodboards, so you can add to an existing moodboard or create a brand new one.

Why is my behance project private?

You may have accidentally restricted this project’s visibility. Go to Edit Project > Settings > Project Visible To > and make sure you haven’t changed the visibility to Private. You can also check in your Project Drafts by going to My Profile > Edit Project Drafts.

Can I make my Adobe Portfolio private?

If you want to make your entire website private, you can do so by: Clicking into Settings in the left-hand panel. Clicking into Password Protection. Select Password protect whole site.

How many projects can I publish on Behance?

Participation in Behance is free, and there are no restrictions on the number of projects a member can create. There is also no limit on the number of images/media users can upload. The Behance platform is free for creative professionals across disciplines.

How do I get more exposure on Behance?

Top ways to get your work noticed on Behance
  1. Highlight the work. Be creative with how you display your work and remember that the Behance team recommends a range of six to 20 images as a good project length.
  2. Choose a cover image. Your cover image will be your portfolio’s calling card.
  3. Only publish when you are finished.
  4. Create some buzz.

What is the best time to post on Behance?

I cannot say anything about Dribble but Behance has no such time. This is not a social media platform like Instagram that highly depends on timing. I believe that you can post at any time there. If you want to be sure of timing “just in case”, I suggest somewhere between noon and 10 p.m.

How do I get my portfolio noticed?

Get noticed: 6 tips for getting your portfolio seen
  1. Tell people about it directly. Write to your contacts to tell them about your portfolio, but don’t make your message look like spam.
  2. Update it regularly.
  3. Share it physically as well as digitally.
  4. Contact design gallery blogs.
  5. Write a blog yourself.
  6. Add links everywhere.