How to create e passbook for epf

How do I get e-passbook from EPF?

Let us have a look on how an employee can download epassbook from the EPF portal: Visit the Member Passbook page on EPFO Website ( Enter your UAN and password generated at the EPF member portal. Now click on the “Login” button.

How can I download EPF passbook using my PF number?

You can access the e-passbook from the EPFO website only if you are registered on the site. The e-passbook can be downloaded online by entering the PF number, member name, and establishment code as mentioned in your PF slip.

Why can’t I see my EPF passbook?

25 I am not able to see the Passbook or Passbook is not available? In case you are working in an Exempted Establishment (PF managed by Company itself and Pension fund by EPF Organisation) then your passbook will not be available in the UAN portal. You may contact your establishment to get the PF statement.

Can I open 2 EPF account?

Hi, As per the law at the time of registration under PF itself, there is one UAN number which is allotted to you. That is a Unique number given against the PAN of every individual applying. In such case, there cannot be two registrations that can be done.

Why is EPF passbook invalid username and password?

This means the server is temporarily unable to complete your request due to downtime or capacity problems… Please try again after some time!

How can I get my PF without UAN number?

PF account holders can also check their EPF balance without UAN number by logging in at EPF subscribers can also check their balance with UAN via SMS or missed call. The PF balance can be checked by sending an SMS — EPFOHO UAN to 7738299899 — from the registered mobile number.

How can I get UAN number from mobile number?

  1. Members registered on the UAN portal may get their details available with EPFO by giving a missed call to 011-22901406 from their registered Mobile number.
  2. Mobile Number must activated with UAN at Unified Portal.
  3. Give Missed call from registered mobile number to 01122901406.

How can I open EPF account?

The employer needs to follow the below-mentioned steps:
  1. Step 1: Register Organization with EPFO. Visit the website and register the organization with EPFO.
  2. Step 2: Read the User Manual.
  3. Step 3: Register On USSP.
  4. Step 4: Fill Registration Form.
  5. Step 5: Attach DSC.

Who is eligible for PF?

EPF eligibility criteria

If you are a salaried employee with a Basic + Dearness Allowance less than Rs. 15,000 per month, it is mandatory for you to be opened an EPF account by your employer.

Can I pay EPF myself?

No, you must register as an EPF member before making Self Contribution. Can I make Self Contribution without filling a form? Yes, you can make a contribution via internet banking.

Can I register EPF online?

Steps of apply the online EPF account

Click the “I-Account image”. 3. Click on the “Register Your Member i-Akaun” or “i-Account“.

How can I register my staff in EPF?

There are various ways to register your employees.
  1. Employee Registration via i-Akaun (Employer) Employers who have registered and activated their i-Akaun can register their employees online.
  2. Auto Register via Monthly Contribution Form (Form A)
  3. Form.
  4. Employee with MyKad.

How can I get my EPF activation code?

How to get EPF i-Akaun Activation Code? 03-8922-6000 and answer a few simple questions to confirm your details. The code will then be sent via SMS once you have confirmed your mobile number. You will then receive an SMS similar to the one on the right.

Can I check my EPF number online?

Through EPF i-Akaun

If you had i-Akaun, just log in to your i-Akaun. And from there you will be able to check y our EPF or KWSP number.

How can I make appointment for PF?

To make an appointment, members need to:
  1. Log on to EPF’s Janji Temu Online platform on the EPF official website at; OR.
  2. Call EPF’s Contact Management Centre at 03-8922 6000.