How to create design table in solidworks

What is a design table in Solidworks?

A design table allows you to build multiple configurations of parts or assemblies by specifying parameters in an embedded Microsoft Excel worksheet. The design table is saved in the model document and is not linked to the original Excel file.

Where is the design table in Solidworks?

How do I lock a design table in Solidworks?

RE: How to Lock Design Table in SolidWorks. right click on your design table, Edit feature, Edit control, Block model edits that would update the design table.

How do you add dimensions to a design table in Solidworks?

To do this, start by going to the configuration tab, right click on design table, and click edit design table. Click on the cell to the right of the last dimension. Go to the part tree, click on the sketch and then click on the dimension that needs to be added to the design table.

How do you add features to a design table?

Manually Add Parameters in a Design Table
  1. Dimensions. Double-click a dimension in the graphics area. (Make sure that the necessary dimensions are displayed before you open the design table.)
  2. Feature suppression. Double-click a face of the feature.
  3. Component suppression. Double-click a face of the component.

How do I edit a design table in Solidworks?

Editing a Design Table
  1. In the ConfigurationManager, right-click Design Table and select Edit Table or Edit Table in New Window. The worksheet appears in the window.
  2. Edit the table as needed.
  3. Click outside of the table to close it.
  4. If you receive a confirmation message that the design table generated new configurations, click OK.

How do you suppress a feature in Solidworks design table?

To suppress individual features in the Feature Properties dialog box: Right-click the feature you want to suppress in the FeatureManager design tree and select Feature Properties. In the dialog box, select Suppressed, and then select This Configuration, All Configurations, or Specify Configuration(s).

How do you add parameters in Solidworks?

To access the Parameters dialog box, click Insert > Design Study > Parameters. You can also view defined parameters in the Parameters node of the Simulation study tree. Type a name of the parameter. Define global variables in the Add Equation dialog box.

How do you make Parametrics in Solidworks?

Improve Your Solidworks Models With Parametric Modeling
  1. Introduction: Improve Your Solidworks Models With Parametric Modeling. By Happyrobot33 Follow More.
  2. Step 1: Why Is This Useful?
  3. Step 2: Get a Basic Sketch Made.
  4. Step 3: Add Your Variables.
  5. Step 4: Applying Variables.
  6. Step 5: Extruding Out the Model.
  7. Step 6: Completed Print.

How do I change a dimension name in Solidworks?

You right-click on a dimension that you want to link and then choose “link values” from the right menu button. You’ll be asked for a name for the dimension you’ve selected. Once you’ve given it a name, the name will be available for other dimensions to link to.

How do I link values in Solidworks?

Linking Dimension Values Using Link Values
  1. Right-click the dimension and select Link Values.
  2. In the Shared Values dialog box, select or type a Name. In addition to the linked variable names you create, global variables are also available for selection under Name.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Repeat for as many dimensions as needed.

How do I link a sketch dimension in Solidworks?

How do I make angles equal in Solidworks?

New member. In sketcher go to TOOLS>RELATIONS and type “angle1=angle2” Substitute the “angle1” and “angle2” for the angle dimensions name. Make sure you got both angle dimensions on the sketch, so you know there name. For example: sd3=sd5 and hit ok.

How do I change the primary value in Solidworks?

Primary Value

Driven (reference) dimensions list a value and name, but you cannot change them. The name of the selected dimension. The value of the selected dimension. Select to override the primary value, and type a new value.

How can you link two dimensions together in a sketch?

yes. There’s two ways you can do this. The first way is to use the dimension number (this is the parameter name under the sketch in the parameter dialog) and divide it by 2 for your smaller circle. then use the parameter name when creating your dimensions.

How do I know the size of my Fusion 360?

Autodesk, Inc. you have to active the sketch and right click on sketch and click on show dimensions . It will show the dimension of sketch elements which you have dimensioned .

How do I add dimensions in fusion360?

How do you create a curved equation driven in Solidworks?

To create an equation driven curve: On the Sketch toolbar, click the Spline flyout, and then select Equation Driven Curve or click Tools > Sketch Entities > Equation Driven Curve . Under Equation Type, select Explicit or Parametric. 3D sketches support parametric equations only.

What is the curve tool?

The Curves tool is the most sophisticated tool for changing the color, brightness, contrast or transparency of the active layer or a selection. While the Levels tool allows you to work on Shadows and Highlights, the Curves tool allows you to work on any tonal range.

How do I see dimensions in Solidworks?