How to create consignment stock in sap

How consignment stock is created?

Consignment issue involves removing the goods from the special stock and making it the property of the customer. When the customer removes consignment stock to use or sell, you record the transaction in the system by creating a consignment issue order (order type KE).

What is a consignment stock in SAP?

In SAP, Consignment stocks are coming under MM-IM (Inventory Management) module. Consignment stocks are special type of stocks that are stored at customer location and owned by the vendor itself. Later the customer can own the stocks or can return to the vendor.

How do I create a vendor stock in SAP?

Step 1) Create a purchase order using ME21N.
  1. Choose document type UB – Stock Transp.
  2. Choose Supplying Plant – 001.
  3. Choose Receiving Plants Purchasing organization – 0002.
  4. Purchasing group and Company Code.
  5. In the item overview screen, enter material number and quantity.
  6. Choose the receiving plant and Storage Location.

How do I find a vendor stock in SAP?

IN MSK3, you can check vendor consignment stock. in MBLB, you can check stock at subcontractor.

How do I find vendor consignment stock in SAP?

You can display data for consignment stock using the following functions:
  1. Display stock overview (MMBE)
  2. Display consignment stocks (MB54)

What is special stock SAP?

These are your company’s own stocks that you provide to the vendor (subcontractor) to manufacture a product you have ordered. However, this stock is still your company’s property. This stock is available for Materials Requirement Planning. Movement of this stock is possible in SAP R/3. Consignment Stock at Customer.

How do I find subcontracting stocks in SAP?

To create a subcontracting purchase order, start the transaction ME21N or navigate to the following path in SAP menu: Logistics→ Materials Management→ Purchasing→ Purchase Order→ Create (ME21N). In the Item Overview screen, you need to use Item Category ‘L’ which is used for subcontracting documents.

What is a subcontract PO?

A subcontract order refers to a purchase order for an operation performed by a subcontractor. Purchasing subcontract work functions according to the same principles used in purchasing material or services in the M3 Procurement module.

What is subcontract SAP?

Subcontracting is one of the manufacturing strategy by which a company decides to outsource some or all of its production operations to a vendor. This process is considered better than a complete external procurement as there can be a tighter control on the product quality.

What is subcontracting in SAP PP?

Scenario: Due to some capacity problems or operational issues in manufacturing plant, entire Product is asked to produce outside (at vendor place) and component materials are given to vendor with a subcontracting Purchase Order. Vendor produces the Product and supplies the Product to plant.

What are the types of subcontracting in SAP?

Multilevel Subcontracting Process (Subcontracting Process with 2 Subcontractors)
  • BOM 1 (CS01) Subcontract material SUBCONTRACT-01(HALB) (Sp.
  • BOM 2 (CS01) Subcontract material (SUBCON_FINAL) (FERT) (Sp.
  • Update BOM in Production versions (MM02)
  • Do Invoice Verification for second subcontracting purchase order (MIRO).

How do you create a subcontracting bom?

SAP process:
  1. Create the finished goods material code.
  2. Maintain the BOM for the material.
  3. Create PO with item category as “L” .
  4. Issue material to vendor with movement type 541.
  5. Receive the material against the PO with movement type 101.
  6. MIRO to account for vendor’s invoice for the service charge& material used by him.

How do you create outbound delivery for subcontracting PO?

In Customizing, you create the outbound delivery with type LB – Subcontracting or your own equivalent and you reference the subcontract purchase order. In Customizing, you create the delivery items with item category LBN – Material provided item or your own equivalent.

What is 544 movement type SAP?

544-consumption reversal at vendor place. 545-by product generated at vendor place due to SC process. 546-reverse of By product generation. once 545 is generated, it will be available at vendor stock, either it has to be moved to plant stock by 542-0.

How do you make a scrap in SAP?

Scrap management through SAP
  1. Make transfer posting through transaction MB1B Movement type 542, from vendor stock to stor. loc. S210, and reconsile challan later with the material document created from 542 movement.
  2. Make GI posting through MB1A & Mov. Typ. 551 same as explained previously.

How do you keep scrap in SAP?

For all scrap material, perform a 501 movement with MIGO so that all scraps material will be scrap inventory. Go creation Sales order, Delivery & customer Invoicing Process. Normally you can use 521 (goods receipt without production order) / 501 (goods receipt without purchase order) to get scrap in to SAP.

What is consignment process in SAP MM?

The consignment process steps in SAP are fairly simple. It involves creating a purchase order, doing a good receipt and a withdrawal of the stock from Vendor’s books. The last step in the consignment process for a vendor is the settlement of the vendor’s liability.

What are the 4 process of purchasing in SAP?

The four basic steps of the procurement process are: the purchase order, the goods receipt PO, the A/P invoice and the outgoing payment. Two key types of master data in purchasing are vendor master data and item master data. In a streamlined purchasing process, the only mandatory document is the A/P invoice.

What is a consignment process?

Consignment Process is where product are stored at the customer location but the owner of this product is still company. Customer stores the consignment stock at their own a warehouse. Customer can consume product from warehouse at any time and customer billed for product for actually quantity consumes.

What is stock type SAP MM?

Due to various inventory transaction in sap various stooks types are created. Stock type is nothing but the stock quantity created with a specific transactions . This stock is available for Materials Planning. The goods movements for materials provided to vendor are described in Subcontracting.

How do I find a blocked stock in SAP?

Instructions on pulling a blocked stock report: Go into the MB52 transaction code. In the section Database Selections, enter the Plant and Storage Location of the area you wish to see blocked stock. At the very bottom of the screen, in the section Display Options, select Non-Hierarchial Display.