How to create a private blog

How do I start a private family blog?

The process for how to start a family blog is outlined below.
  1. Pick a domain, platform and hosting. First, decide what platform you are going to use, pick a domain, and set up hosting.
  2. Choose a theme and plugins.
  3. Take necessary security and privacy measures.
  4. Share with family members and start posting.

Can I make a private vlog?

The best way to make a private vlog that you control is to use a white label video service like Dacast. A white label host allows you to upload your videos and control everything about access to them. For example, with white label video hosts, you can make your videos available only on your own website.

Can you have an anonymous blog?

You can be successful as an anonymous blogger and you can make money. Anonymous blogging means keeping an eye on all the common blogging mistakes but also watching out for stuff specific to hiding your identity.

Should I use my real name on my blog?

Be sure to use a name to identify yourself

Whichever route you choose, I will highly recommend that you pick a name to identify yourself when you start blogging. Having a name, real or made up, makes you easier to relate to and for people to find some affinity with you.