How to create a christmas basket

What should I put in a homemade Christmas gift basket?

Mugs, paper to-go cups, yummy varieties of hot chocolate, marshmallows, candy canes and stir sticks are perfect items to include in this gift basket. Add this cute printable tag and ribbon to add a festive touch.

How do you make a cheap Christmas gift basket?

How do you make homemade gift baskets?

Food is another great gift basket item. Combine a few cookie-cutters, a cake mix, and a recipe for simple cookies from a mix and you have a great cookie gift basket. Use pasta, spaghetti sauce, a bottle of wine, and a jar of olives and put it together with a baguette for a yummy Italian basket.

What can I put in a Christmas food basket?

Canned vegetables are always welcome, both for holiday baskets and everyday donations. Basics like corn, peas, green beans and mixed vegetables are good choices, as are diced tomatoes and tomato sauce to serve with pasta. Include canned peaches, pineapple, fruit cocktail and canned juices as well.

How do I make and sell gift baskets?

If you enjoy creating gift baskets, you may just have the recipe for profit in your hands.
  1. Create a business plan that explains your business idea.
  2. Get the required business licenses.
  3. Purchase supplies.
  4. Create inventory that you can quickly turn around and sell.
  5. Create a website.
  6. Advertise your gift basket business.

How do I price my gift baskets?

One useful formula is to triple your labor cost. For example, if labor comes to $12 per basket, you would sell each basket for $36. If this price represents 30 to 50 percent above break even, you’re gift basket pricing is on the right track.

Are gift baskets still popular?

But gift baskets are still incredibly popular. In fact, the gift basket industry is continuously growing by 3 to 5 percent every year. There’s a good reason for this: baskets allow you to give a variety of gifts all in one, so you’re sure to get something your recipient will love.

What do you put on the bottom of a gift basket?

Add a layer of tissue paper to the bottom of your basket to help prop up items. If you’re using a large container, you’ll need lots of tissue and may find it helpful to add newspaper or even a small cardboard box (which you can then cover in tissue paper). Begin by placing one of your sturdiest items in the center.

How do you make a gift basket look fuller?

Transparent wrap (cellophane wrap) really gives a gift basket a great look and this is something you shouldn’t scrimp on and try to do with plastic cling wrap or just a clear plastic bag. Those will make inexpensive gift baskets just look cheap, the exact thing you are trying to avoid.

How do you display items in a gift basket?

How do you secure things in a gift basket?

Items can be secured to each other, to the basket or even held up straight with a skewer that is taped to the back of an object and stuck into the crumpled filler paper (or into floral foam for larger baskets). Use other contents and decorative materials to disguise such supports if necessary.

How do you secure items in a gift basket?

You can also use tape, glue, glue dots or skewers to balance them. Finally, three cookies are placed in front of the rows and the cluster of items are secured with tape on the outside. The entire basket is then wrapped in cellophane and moves on to the shrink wrap machine (you can use a blow dryer).

How do you arrange tissue paper in a gift basket?