How much does truthfinder cost

Is TruthFinder really free?

1.2 Is TruthFinder Free

The service of TruthFinder is not free of cost and has 3 subscription plans for its customers. The application requires you to purchase its subscription before finding someone through TruthFinder. It has 3 packages with different costs depending on the time of subscription.

How do I get TruthFinder for free?

There is no TruthFinder free trial, and we do not currently offer any coupons, discounts, or free access codes. Other sites might lure people in with a suspiciously low price, only to jack up their monthly rates after they’ve signed up. Instead, we maintain consistent, affordable rates at all times.

Is TruthFinder legit 2021?

Is Truthfinder Legit? Yes, TruthFinder checks are completely legal – they tap into both public and private databases to gather accurate and relevant information alongside detailed guidelines on how/where that information can be used.

How much does a TruthFinder search cost?

TruthFinder charges about $28 per month for a membership. That breaks down to less than a dollar a day. If you purchase a two-month membership, it’s $23 a month paid in a lump sum of $46. With a membership, you can run as many background checks as you’d like.

What is better than TruthFinder?

Best trial: Instant Checkmate

We recommend Instant Checkmate for people who want to run a few background checks and then call it a day. … It has just as much information as TruthFinder but costs about as little as the BeenVerified free trial. That’s the best of both worlds.

Is TruthFinder legit?

Is TruthFinder Legit? Yes. In addition to multiple online reviews, we can confirm that TruthFinder is a legit background check service. The results are accurate and up-to-date.

Can someone see if you look them up on TruthFinder?

Does TruthFinder notify the person you look up? Your TruthFinder search history is always private, so the person in question will never know that you searched for their report.

Can you tell if someone ran a background check on you?

Disclosure and Consent: Background Checks for Jobs, Housing, and More. The easiest way to know whether someone has run a background check on you is to hear it from them directly. … When running a background check, an employer is beholden to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, or FCRA.

Is Truthfinder hard to cancel?

Canceling Truthfinder manually can be a bit complicated, mainly because the customer service team sometimes takes more time than they should to end your membership. If you want to ensure your account is canceled immediately, we suggest unsubscribing with the DoNotPay app.

What is the best background check site?

The Best Background Check Sites for 2021
  • Best Overall: First Advantage.
  • Best Value: Rentberry.
  • Best for Detailed Reporting: GoodHire.
  • Best for Employers: Checkr.
  • Best for Landlords:
  • Best for Instant Results: Intelius.

Are there any totally free background check websites?

Welcome to Background – the only free online directory and portal dedicated to helping you find online public records and run an online background check. … The Guide to Finding Free Public Records Online, Including Background Checks, Criminal Records, Court Records, Arrest Records and More!

How do I get off TruthFinder?

How to Remove Yourself from TruthFinder
  1. Go to their opt-out website.
  2. Search for your listing and click ‘remove this record’.
  3. Enter your email address (we recommend using a masked email) and perform the CAPTCHA.
  4. Wait for the verification email. Your listing should be removed within 48 hours. Don’t have the time?

How do I cancel my private records membership?

First, go to and scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. Click “Remove my info”.

What is the most accurate background check?

  • Intelius. Best background checking service for in-depth personal history. …
  • Instant Checkmate. A fast background checking service that provides instant reports. …
  • TruthFinder. Accurate data in a variety of areas at a monthly fee. …
  • US Search. …
  • PeopleFinders. …
  • BeenVerified. …
  • Whitepages.

How do I get rid of fast people search?

How to Remove Yourself from Fast People Search
  1. Go to their removal site, …
  2. Type in your name to the search box.
  3. Find your listing and click “view free details”.
  4. Click “remove my record”.
  5. Your listing should be removed within 24 hours.

How do you get your personal information off the Internet?

Remove personal info from websites

If someone’s posted sensitive information of yours such as a Social Security number or a bank account number and the webmaster of the site where it was posted won’t remove it, you can send a legal removal request to Google to have it removed.

Which is better Truthfinder or Instant Checkmate?

The biggest differences between the two are their pricing, customer satisfaction, and mobile app. … Although at a lower price point, Truthfinder provides many additional features including a mobile app and a satisfaction guaranteed promise that you will not receive with Instant Checkmate.