How to create gear in fusion 360

How do you make a gear?

How do you mesh gears in fusion?

How do you get bevel gear in Fusion 360?

Can you make assemblies in Fusion 360?

Assemblies as they are known in other CAD software are a little different in Fusion 360. Assemblies allow us to simulate how other components interact with each other. Traditionally this would be done with a separate “assembly file” responsible for housing all of the components.

How do you make a joint in Fusion 360?

How do you separate parts in Fusion 360?

Choose Modify > Split Body. For Body to Split, select the solid that you want to split. For Splitting Tool, select the object that will split the body. If the splitting object does not already intersect the body, select Extend Splitting Tool.

What is the difference between a body and a component in Fusion 360?

Components are the building blocks that make up assemblies, and a body is one of the elements that make up a component. Each component contains one or more bodies, as well as its own set of origin planes, sketches, construction geometry, joints, and other elements.

How do you extrude cuts in Fusion 360?

Once the face has been split, use the Press Pull command (Modify>Press Pull) to extrude the features into the surface.