How to create content workspace

What is content workspace?

Workspace ONE Content brings you secure access to all of your files anytime, anywhere, across your devices. Easily share files, mark files as favorites, access documents offline, edit Office documents and annotate PDF files with built-in editing tools.

What is CMS workspace in Salesforce?

A CMS workspace is where you create, organize, and share content across channels. Workspaces can define particular geographies or product lines or even something as ephemeral as campaigns. Workspaces are flexible so you use them to meet your particular goals.

Is WordPress similar to Salesforce?

WordPress is the world’s most-used Content Management System (CMS), and Salesforce is the leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, not just for companies but also for nonprofits. You can gain a lot from integrating WordPress with Salesforce, and it’s not just about collecting data more effectively.

Does salesforce have a CMS?

Salesforce CMS is a hybrid content management system, where you can curate and share content, manage multiple language versions of your content, and control who creates what. Use Salesforce CMS to create, manage, and deliver content from a central location, and then share that content across multiple channels.

What is the difference between CRM and CMS?

CRM vs. CMS. A CRM focuses on managing customer and client relationships, while a CMS is used to manage your website. Both serve a different purpose in your business management software.

Is Salesforce a CRM or CMS?

Engage customers with fast, flexible commerce.

Salesforce CMS is built natively on the world’s #1 CRM, so you can deliver personalized experiences at every step.

What is CRM content in Salesforce?

Salesforce CRM Content simplifies content management by incorporating user-friendly features. into the following tasks: Organizing. Rather than keep files in folders that make content difficult to find, Salesforce CRM Content stores files in fully searchable file repositories known as libraries.

What is CRM content?

Salesforce CRM Content simplifies content management by incorporating user-friendly features into the following tasks: The powerful Salesforce CRM Content search engine scans the entire body of the document as well as content properties such as the title, description, tags, categorization data, and author name.

What is the method of adding content to Salesforce CRM content?

We can add content in 2 ways. <b id=”ext-gen26″>Chatter filesYou can upload a file and store it privately until you’re ready to share it. Share the file with coworkers and groups to collaborate and get feedback. Attach files to posts in a Chatter feed on the Home tab, Chatter tab, a profile, a record, or a group.

Where are files stored in Salesforce?

Files Home is the central location of your files in Salesforce. See all files that you’ve stored privately, view files that are shared with you, and share files with others.

What is the difference between files and attachments in Salesforce?

Files need to upload, store, find, follow, share, and collaborate on Salesforce files in the cloud. Attach files to records from the Attachments related list on selected detail pages. We can add a file to a specific record such as opportunity, event by attaching it on the Attachments related list.

How do I upload large files to Salesforce?

If you’re a Salesforce user, you might run into the 5 MB limit for file attachments and documents. (See the list of File Size Limits in Salesforce.)

Tip: Send large files to Salesforce

  1. Upload as Chatter FeedPost. Respondents can upload up to 2 GB.
  2. Upload as Salesforce Content CRM document.
  3. Upload to FormAssembly.

How do I upload files to Salesforce?

In Salesforce Classic
  1. Go to Setup | Customize | Salesforce Files | Settings | General Settings.
  2. Click Edit and then select Files uploaded to the Attachments related list on records are uploaded as Salesforce Files, not as attachments.

How do I upload files to lightning component?

Upload Multiple Files in Lightning Component
  1. Create Apex class which will save record in record as attachement.
  2. Create Lightning Component to upload documents.
  3. Add above created component in page to test it.

How do I transfer files in Salesforce?

To attach files to records:
  1. In Lightning Experience, drag files directly onto the Files related list or click Upload Files. To add Salesforce Files, click Add Files in the related list’s menu.
  2. In Salesforce Classic, click Upload File in the Files related list.

How are attachments stored in Salesforce?

Files attached to emails and events can be saved in Salesforce as Content documents (Files) or as Attachment objects, the former being the default way. In either case the files are stored in Salesforce under Notes & Attachments of the primary associated object(s).

What are two options for creating and sending emails in lightning experience?

In Lightning Experience, you have several options for creating and sending emails. The Activity Composer on a record and the Global Actions menu are the options you’ll probably use most.

Can you send mass emails in Salesforce?

Did you know you can send mass emails out of Salesforce? Well you do now! Mass Emailing essentially allows you to send an email template (Complete with images, merge fields and attachments), to a list of contacts, person accounts or leads.

What are list emails in Salesforce?

Create and send a list email, which sends an individual email to each recipient in the list.