How to create cashier account on bet9ja

How do I start my own Bet9ja shop?

Easy steps to start
  1. Submission of documentation to Bet9ja.
  2. Check of documents and location.
  3. Introductory conversation in person with our field staff.
  4. Verification of premises.
  5. Signing of the agent contract.
  6. Get your shop ready to go with help from our professional support.

How much do Bet9ja pay their agents?

Bet9ja agent percentage. The commission structure includes many opportunities because an agent is paid for each chance placed through his shop. Usually, the commission ranges from 2 to 20 percent on gross profit and is paid every week.

How does Bet9ja agents make money?

Bet9ja mobile shop agents mostly reap from every single chance. The sports betting business can be described as a partnership. The online sports betting site allows all Bet9ja shop agents to mint money through the betting platform. So the more bets are placed, the more profits are generated.

How much do Bet9ja agents earn monthly?

But I know agents who earn as much as ₦500,000 to ₦1,000,000 Naira a month – or even more. Don’t get carried away, there are also those who earn just about ₦10,000 monthly or less.

What is the highest amount Bet9ja can pay?

The maximum payout for Bet9Ja on any given day will not exceed ₦10,000,000,000. If the cumulative payout on all Bet9Ja tickets on any given day exceeds this figure, winnings on each ticket will be adjusted accordingly.

Who is highest winner in Bet9ja?

The Bet9ja highest winner is Arinze Cosmas Ezeanyanwu who got a payout of ₦46.2 million in 2017 with his winning ticket.

How can I win Bet9ja everyday?

How To Play Bet9ja and Win Everyday [A Football Betting Guide]
  1. Bet9ja Winning Tips For Nigerians. Follow Statistics. Don’t Be Greedy. Wait For The Climax. Have Game Limit. Be Patient.
  2. Secrets of Winning Football Sports Betting In Nigeria. Be An Expert. chance On Home. Use Other Pointers. chance On Goals. Don’t Depend On Prediction Sites. Get A Mentor. Don’t chance With Emotions. Pick Your Battles.

Who is the owner of Bet9ja?

Kunle Soname is a Nigerian politician, entrepreneur, sport enthusiast and the chairman of Bet9ja, a betting website he founded in 2013. He is also the first Nigerian to acquire a European club C.D. Feirense which he bought in 2015.

How much is Bet9ja worth? is worth $931,000,000 – Worth Of Web.

Is Bet9ja a gambling?

This position makes it clear that bet9ja or gambling (as the case may be) is not intrinsically evil, however, it is morally neutral; that is, it is neither bad nor good. The revenues derived from gambling are not used to support any fraud, illegal or immoral enterprise.

Who is CEO of Bet9ja?

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Headquarters Lagos, Nigeria
Area served International
Founder(s) Ayo Ojuroye and Kunle Soname
Key people Ayo Ojuroye (CEO) Kunle Soname (Chairman)

How much is minimum withdrawal on bet9ja?

Based on the official bet9ja withdrawal rules, the official minimum withdrawal sum is 5,000 Naira while the maximum reaches up to 9,999,999 Naira.

Is Victor Ikpeba the owner of bet9ja?

Victor Ikpeba is noticeably the brand ambassador of Bet9ja. As a result, a lot of people have been asking if he is the owner of Bet9ja. To make things clear, Victor Ikpeba is not the owner of the sports betting giant.

Is bet9ja only in Nigeria?

The bet9ja is found in the year of 2013 on 10th September by Kunle Soname and it is exclusively introduced for gamblers in Nigeria and Africa as bet9ja only in Nigeria and it supports Nigerian currency naira and only few other African currencies. KC Gaming Networks Limited privately owns and operates this.

Who is the owner of Bet9ja and his net worth?

Base on his near 100% stake in KC Gaming Networks Limited, the company that owns Bet9ja, it is safe to calculate that Kunle Soname net worth is around $100million.