How to create an account on world of warcraft

How do I make another WoW account?

You can have up to 8 World of Warcraft accounts in the same Blizzard account. You can add new accounts through your Games & Subscriptions Account Management page. The next time you launch the App, use the drop-down menu on top of the PLAY button to select the World of Warcraft account you want to log into.

How much is a new WoW account?

The game now simply costs $15 a month to play and you get access to all available content by default. The Battle of Azeroth expansion arrives on August 14 and will cost $49.99 for the Standard Edition, $69.99 for the Digital Deluxe Edition, or $99.99 for the Collector’s Edition.

How do I create an EU WoW account?

To create an EU WOW account, you can go to the Games & Subscription section of your account management page. From here you can “Create Starter Account” under the Starter Editions & Public Test Regions section. You’ll have the option to select the region of your new WOW account.

How much does it cost to play WoW?

Players can choose either a one-month WoW subscription for $14.99/month, a three-month WoW subscription for $13.99/month, or a six-month WoW subscription for $12.99/month. This will give them access to all of World of Warcraft’s previous expansions leading up to the release of Shadowlands.

Can I play WoW Europe in the US?

World of Warcraft accounts cannot be transferred between regions. However, your account can have multiple World of Warcraft accounts in multiple regions at the same time.

How do I change servers in WoW?

How does it work?
  1. Select your character. Log in to World of Warcraft and visit the Shop on the character select screen to purchase this product.
  2. Choose your destination. Type and select the name of the destination realm.
  3. Enjoy your new realm.

Can I change my WoW account from US to EU?

World of Warcraft accounts cannot be transferred between regions. However, your account can have multiple World of Warcraft accounts in multiple regions at the same time.

Can you change realms?

You can transfer your favorite WoW character to another server (commonly called a “realm“) if it has been over 90 days since the realm was launched. Transferring a character to another server requires paying a transfer fee to Blizzard. As of June 2012, this fee is $25 per character.

Do realms matter in WoW?

Only thing realms matter for are guilds and the auction house. Auction house is cross-faction now but still realm specific. Higher pop realms obviously have a healthier economy. If you want to find a guild to play with, your realm and faction will still matter.

How much does a realm transfer cost?

A Character Transfer, previously Paid Character Transfer Service (PCT), is a paid service that allows the user to move characters to other realms, between two World of Warcraft accounts or from one Blizzard account to another. The cost of each paid character transfer is $25 / 20€ / £15 / ₩24,000.

Can a character change realms in WoW?

The Character Transfer service allows you to move a character to another realm only. It is not possible to transfer a WoW Classic character to another WoW account or account.

How much gold can I transfer with my character in WoW?

You can either give the leadership to another member of the guild, or buy a Guild Master Transfer service.

Character Restrictions.

Character Level Maximum Gold
10-39 10,000g
40-49 250,000g
50-60 1,000,000g

Can you merge WoW accounts?

You cannot merge accounts. Moving a warcraft account will not move any items that are Blizzard account bound, pets, mounts etc. In some situations it is possible to combine Blizzard ( accounts, by moving over the various game licenses from one account to the other.

Can you switch factions in WoW?

The Faction Change service allows you to change a single character’s faction. As you complete the process, you will select your character’s new race, appearance, and name. The race you choose must support your character’s class.

What do I lose if I faction change?

Any quests in progress will be abandoned when you change factions. In addition, faction-specific quests and achievements won’t be converted to their counterpart in the new faction. As a result, you will need to complete the War Campaign on your new faction, even if you already completed the opposite faction campaign.

How much does it cost to change factions in wow?

A faction change usually costs $30 in the Shop.

Why is faction change so expensive?

The faction change is so expensive because it contains more than “one” change; You can faction change to whatever race. If you think the prices are too high then don’t use them. The price is there so people think before they use them. The option to reroll is free.

Can you change race in WOW Classic?

World of Warcraft Classic characters are not eligible for Race Change. Recently boosted characters must wait 72 hours before they can attempt any character services.

How much is a character transfer and faction change?

Changing a character’s faction costs $30. Transferring a character to a different server costs $25.

How much does a character transfer cost in WoW?

The Paid Character Transfer feature allows you to move characters to other realms as well as between two accounts where you are the original registered owner, subject to certain restrictions. The cost of each paid character transfer is $25 / 20€ / £17 / ₩24,000.

Do mounts transfer with characters WoW?

You can’t ever transfer mounts from one character to another, they simply can use all the ones that faction can use.

Can you switch from Alliance to Horde?

The Faction Change service is a paid service being offered by Blizzard since September 2nd, 2009 in the US and September 17th, 2009 in the EU, which allows you to change the faction (Alliance or Horde) of a character. This service is being offered in response to player requests.