How to create a record in salesforce

What is a record in Salesforce?

According to Salesforce documentation: “Record types let you offer different business processes, picklist values, and page layouts to different users. You might create record types to differentiate your regular sales deals from your professional services engagements, offering different picklist values for each.

How do I create a new record?

How do you create a trigger record?

After triggers can be used to access field values that are set by the database, and to affect changes in other records. Syntax to create sample trigger: Use below syntax to create trigger. trigger <TriggerName> on ObjectName (<events>) { // you can write your code here. }

How do you record in LWC?

Create a lightning web component ldsCreateRecord. Use lightning-input to get the user input for Account Name, Account Number, and Phone. Add lightning-button to call the JS controller method to create the record. Add onchange handler for each lightning-input tag to get the updated value in the JS controller.

How do I create a SObject in LWC?

Create a new SObject record by constructing an instance of the SObject and passing values from LWC to a custom Apex method performing insert. Update a SObject record fetched on LWC using @wire service by passing values from LWC to a custom Apex method performing updates.

How do you update LWC records?

In JS Controller, we first need to import updateRecord from lightning/uiRecordApi module. Then, we need to import the Object Field Schema using @salesforce/schema/. We are hard-coding the Id of Case to display the Case record details.

What is uiRecordApi in LWC?

With LWC, Trailhead promotes the use of lightning/uiRecordApi (User Interface API under the hood) for retrieving records from the database. Tantalizingly, the lightning/uiRecordApi documentation makes reference to several methods that seem to be tailored toward more advanced use cases, e.g.: createRecord()

What is uiRecordApi?

The lightning/uiRecordApi module includes wire adapters to record data and get default values to create records. It also includes JavaScript APIs to create, delete, update, and refresh records.

How do you refresh apex in LWC?

To refresh a wired method, pass the argument the wired method receives (which is the wired value) to refreshApex() . In this sample code, the wired method is wiredGetActivityHistory(value) . Hold on to the value provisioned by the wire service and pass it to refreshApex() .

What is refresh apex in LWC?

refreshApex in lwc:

By using refreshApex in lwc we can update wire function or wire parameter data, so that component values will be re-rendered. We need to import refreshApex function from salesforce/apex class, so that we can use it.

How do you refresh a particular div in lightning component?

cmp – Component gets refreshed every time on click of a button on containing component(component 1). ComponentContainer. cmp has an attribute refreshFlag, which will be set true/false on Refresh button click based on the existing value. The same variable is used in the aura:if to render either the true/false case.

How do you refresh the lightning component on a button click?

For the refresh view, run $A. get(‘e. force:refreshView’). fire();, which will reload all data for the view.

How do you refresh a tab in lightning?

Refreshes a workspace tab or a subtab specified by tabId .

Component code:

  1. <aura:component implements=”flexipage:availableForAllPageTypes” access=”global”>
  2. <lightning:workspaceAPI aura:id=”workspace”/>
  3. <lightning:button label=”Refresh Focused Tab” onclick=”{! c. refreshFocusedTab}”/>
  4. </aura:component>

How do you create tabs in lightning component?

Perform the following tasks:
  1. Select the Lightning component for which you want to create the tab. For the record creation page, select.
  2. Enter a label for the tab.
  3. Select a tab style.
  4. Optionally, enter a description for the tab.
  5. Click.
  6. Select the user profiles for which the tab must be available.
  7. Click.

How do I stop a Salesforce page from refreshing?

How to stop refreshing the entire VF page when command link is clicked?
  1. Just add a rerender=”none” attribute. – Adrian Larson♦ Jul 20 ’17 at 18:56.
  2. @AdrianLarson I already tried rerender=”none”.
  3. I think you meant to use <apex:outputLink> instead, perhaps –
  4. use immediate=”true” during submission.

How do you refresh a page in Salesforce?

We are very use to hitting F5, or Ctrl/Command + R to refresh our browser pages.

How do you refresh your aura components?

To refresh a view, run $A. get(‘e. force:refreshView’). fire(); , which reloads data for standard components.

What is force recordData?

A force:recordData component defines the parameters for accessing, modifying, or creating a record using Lightning Data Service. To load a record, specify its record ID, the component attributes, and a list of fields in your custom component.

How do you close quick action in lightning component?

To close a quick action panel, usually in response to completing or canceling the action, run $A. get(“e. force:closeQuickAction”).

Can we use LWC in quick action?

Starting this release, we can embed a LWC as a quick action, we don’t have to wrap it up in an Aura Component. Then we need to create an object specific Quick Action and chose the target as Lighting Web Component.