How to create a flat pattern in inventor

What is a flat pattern?

The flatpattern method is where the entire pattern is drafted on a flat surface from measurements, using rulers, curves and straight-edges. The flat pattern drafting method is the most commonly used method in menswear; menswear rarely involves draping.

How do I create a configuration in Inventor?

  1. Create Parts in Assemblies.
  2. Create Assembly Weldments.
  3. Configurations. About iParts. To Work with iFeatures. IAssemblies. Representations. About Derived Parts and Assemblies. About Simplified Assemblies See LessSee More.
  4. Drawings.
  5. About Presentations, Exploded Views, and Publishing.

What is an iPart inventor?

Most designers have parts that differ by size, material, or other variables, but the same basic design works in many models. An iPart is a table driven master part that configures standard parts to different sizes and states. The table can be edited within Inventor or externally in a spreadsheet.

Does inventor configure?

Strictly speaking, there isn’t an equivalent workflow in Inventor to Solidworks’s Configuration. SWX Configuration is best to describe multiple stages of a part during manufacturing or transformation. But, it should be the same part with the same part number. Inventor iPart is for different purposes.