How to create a command center

How do you make a command center?

How to Create a Command Center That Works for Your Family
  1. Find the right space. A command center isn’t going to help you if it’s not in a place that makes sense.
  2. Take inventory of your clutter.
  3. Determine the essentials.
  4. Make it personal.
  5. Design it.
  6. Go shopping.
  7. Make it pretty.

What is a command center?

A command center is a central place for carrying out orders and for supervising tasks, also known as a headquarters, or HQ. Common to every command center are three general activities: inputs, processes, and outputs.

What is a family command center?

A family command center is just a designated space in your home that serves as the central place for organizing daily chaos (schedules, incoming papers, car keys, etc).