How to create a balloon garland

How do you make a simple balloon Garland?

How many balloons do you need for a balloon Garland?

It takes five balloons in that pattern to cover 7 inches of plastic balloon strip. Remember your pattern: Keep your un-inflated balloons in the order your want your pattern to appear in the garland. Once you add balloons to the garland, it may be a little hard to see the pattern because the balloons will be twisting.

Can you make a balloon Garland the night before?

A balloon garland lasts at least a week, so no need to stress yourself creating it day-of your party; it can totally be prepped days in advance . Helium balloon arches will only last a day, maybe two.

How do you make a balloon garland with tape?

Cut a strip of the tape that measures the length you want the finished garland to be. Starting at one end, pop the tied openings of the balloons through the small holes in the tape, alternating colors and sizes of balloons. When the garland is full, it’s time to hang it and add the embellishments!

How do you stick balloon Garland to a wall?

How many days in advance can you make a balloon Garland?

You can blow them up 1-2 days before and keep the garland indoors (the heat causes them to shrink) until your party. A lot of the balloons will stay inflated much longer but they will look the best this way! If you’re looking for inspiration, here are some of my favorite balloon garlands from the last couple years!

How much should I charge for a balloon Garland?

The cost of a balloon garland varies according to the size and design. A traditional garland costs $10-$12 per foot, a simple organic garland $22 per foot, and an advanced organic garland costs between $60 and $90.

How do you attach a balloon Garland to a command hook?

How far in advance can you make a balloon arch?

For best results, make the balloon garland a day or 2 before the party. I typically make mine the day before I plan on using it. If you plan on hanging it outside, wait to put it out until the day of the party.

Can you make a balloon arch without helium?

Best of all – no helium required! Simply string the balloons together and hang or knot together and tie to wall depending on your desired look. Most balloon arches take between 80-100 balloons depending on how many colors you want to use throughout and how big you fill each of the balloons.

How long do air filled balloon arches last?

Inside airfilled balloon arch

A standard balloon arch made with properly inflated latex balloons will last anywhere from 12 hours to 2 days without any significant issues.

Will balloons deflate overnight?

Balloons with air generally don’t deflate overnight. Helium is a notorious escape artist and you can expect a helium balloon to deflate overnight, depending on the type of balloon and its size. The latex balloons are the fastest deflating with either air or helium; but helium ultimately escapes the fastest.

How do you make air balloons last longer?

Spray the balloons with a mist of any hairspray. This interesting technique will help keep the air from escaping the balloons. Once all the balloons have been blown up, you can store them in a large plastic bag until the time for the event. Doing this will help prevent the balloons from being half-deflated and droopy.

Do you use helium for balloon arch?

Balloon arches create a festive entryway or stage decoration at parties, events and other celebrations. Arches usually use helium-filled balloons, with the floating balloons forming the arch. Helium is expensive, especially if you are constructing a large arch. Instead, use regular air-filled balloons.

Does Party City make balloon arches?

Add surprise and whimsy to your celebration with an arch that inspires guests to share on Instagram and rave about in person. Transform any entryway, party table, bar set-up, or other space into a bold statement and photo opportunity with a balloon arch!

How much do you charge for balloon arch?

What is the price per linear foot of a balloon arch?
Arch Size in Linear Feet Cost of Standar Balloon Arch (before delivery)
18-20 feet $250
24 linear feet $275
32 linear feet $360
40 linear feet $450
Aug 7, 2019

Is it easy to make a balloon arch?

Enter, balloon arches. You’ve likely seen these spectacular constructions across your social media plenty of times by now, and there’s a very good reason why. While they look incredibly complex, they’re actually pretty easy to construct, yet provide maximum wow factor – it’s the perfect low effort/high reward ratio.

What can I use for a balloon arch?

Balloon Arch Basics:
  • 36 Latex Balloons (I Used Three Colors, 12 of Each)
  • Spool of Floral Wire.
  • Scissors.
  • Tape.
  • Handheld Balloon Pump (So You Don’t Pass Out!)

How do you attach a balloon arch to the wall?

ANSWER: To attach balloon clusters to the wall I normally recommend removable glue dots. For a larger balloon banner or garland as you have in mind, you need to use something stronger. If there are no pre-existing hooks in the wall or ceiling, use removable hooks like for example these 3M Command Hooks.