How to create custom funko pop

Can you make a custom Funko Pop?

Yourself avatar at and know how exciting it would be to undergo the Pop! Our fans will have the power to create their own custom figures at our Funko HQ and Funko Hollywood stores with Pop! People.

How much does it cost to make your own Funko Pop?

As soon as the ‘builder’ is done popping the pieces together, the customer will be contacted to pick up their completed Pop! in a customized box!” The price is $25 per Pop. As these are pandemic times, the store has a contingency in case there is a lockdown: Funko Hollywood will have curbside order and pick-up.

Are funko POPs profitable?

Others think they’re creepy for pretty much the same reasons. But love them or hate them, you’d be surprised to discover that some Funko POPs, which retail for roughly $10, can fetch well over $1000 on the secondary market. In no uncertain terms, there’s money in POPs.

Should you open funko Pops?

Answer: Whether or not you choose to open your Funko Pops is completely up to you, however, if you want your Funko Pops to retain or increase in value, you may not want to open them. Once they are opened, they lose a significant amount of value.

Are funko pops worth anything without the box?

Even if people don’t collect them as Funko Pops, the may collect them because they relate to a movie or TV show they do collect memorabilia from. If you do collect them, remember to always buy the ones that come in a box in good condition also. Without the box they will be worth much less if they do become valuable.

Are funko pops made in China fake?

Check out Should I buy Funko Pop Vinyls From eBay? If it’s China – do not buy it. All the fake Pop’s are shipped from China, which is ironic, as the official ones are made there. Basically, if the seller has to ship it from China, it’s a fake, no matter how good it looks.

Is it OK to take funko pops out of the box?

Not at all! There are plenty of people who collect them out of the box, so you can still sell them on without a box, including the rarer individuals. So even if you do display your pops out of the box (even if you don’t think you’ll sell your pop collection one day), keep those boxes safe… Just in case.

How can you tell a fake pop figure?

Is there a fake Funko Pop?

Counterfeits often contain different fonts on UPC codes or other text on the box. A large number of fakes will have different fonts on logos, information on the bottom of the box, and the Pop! The fake is clearly missing both the Funko Line title and the Funko logo on the Convention Exclusive sticker.

How do I know if my Funko Pop is rare?

With a box handy, the first thing to look for is stickers in the lower right corner of the box. They’ll often indicate if a Pop Vinyl is rare. For example, if a Pop Vinyl has a “Chase” sticker on it, that means it’s a lot rarer than a regular Pop Vinyl.

How do funko pops become rare?

What Makes a Funko Pop Rare? The main factor that makes a Funko Pop rare is when there is a small number of pieces produced and if it is a regular or Chase Pop Vinyl.

Do funko pops have things in their head?

If you are collecting Funko POP! Vinyl figures and keep them outside of the box, you may find that they have the occasional stability issue. They do, after all, feature a large head and small feet. The first thing to check is if the figure has a hole in one of its feet.

What Funko Pop is number 666?

Power Rangers – Lord Zedd Vinyl Figure #666.

Is Funko Pop a fad?

To me, these things are a fad. They’re not at all unlike beanie-babies, baseball cards, comics or anything else. They’re popular and new right now, you’re going to see some crazy prices for a while, but, eventually, those prices are going to pop, and they’ll probably never see those high prices again.

How many funko pops exist?

Funko has created approximately 20 thousand (19,913) different products in dozens of different toy lines since its inception.

How many Iron Man funko Pops are there?

So how many Iron Man Pops are there? As you would expect, there are loads of Iron Man Funko Pops – over 35, counting the additional characters we have in this list who appeared in the Iron Man movies or wear Stark built armour.

What was the first Iron Man Funko Pop?

Starting off, the first Funko Pop Iron Man figure appears to be a nod to one of Stark’s earlier suits from the comics, featuring a less chiseled body and a much rounder head. Numbered as part of the main Pop! Marvel line, this edition has a Blue Stealth variant exclusive to the 2014 Rhode Island Comic Con.

Is pop in a box reliable?

The POP toys were always delivered in excellent condition and the packaging was amazing aswell. Their customer service is also very efficient and quick to respond to any queries you may have regarding your order. I would definitely recommend buying from them!

Is Big Apple collectibles legit?

Do not buy from here!! Place comes off as legit it’s not. Charging a fee on cancellation of orders for products they can’t get to begin with. Yes they have the fee listed but that just so they can get money out of you after 6-9 months of waiting for something you will never get.

Does Big Apple collectibles charge right away?

All Pre-Orders will be charged at time of purchase.

When ordering such items you agree that the expected delivery date can change due to circumstances completely out of our control.