How to create a moody preset in lightroom

How do I make a moody preset?

How do I make a picture moody?

8 Magical Methods for Adding Mood to Your Photos
  1. Use a Wide Aperture. Try using the widest aperture on your lens.
  2. Shoot in Low Light. Try shooting when the light is low.
  3. Adjust Your Colour Temperature. Shoot in RAW and adjust the colour temperature in post-processing.
  4. Shoot Into the Light.
  5. Sunset and Sunrise.
  6. Use a Long Exposure.
  7. Convert to Black and White.
  8. Add Textures.

How do I change warm and moody in Lightroom?

How do I edit Moody Brown in Lightroom?

How do I make a brown preset in Lightroom?

In Lightroom, you can use the “Split Toning” tool. There are color selection boxes next to the word “Highlights” and “Shadows”. Pick these and you can select a color cast (I picked a sand tone) and this will give the image a decidedly “brown” cast.

How do you edit moody photos in Lightroom mobile?