How to create a knowledge base

What is included in a knowledge base?

A knowledge base is a library of information about your product or service. It helps customers find answers to solve problems on their own and — if you do it right — a good knowledge base can scale out your customer support program while improving the overall customer experience.

How do I create a knowledge base in Excel?

1) Do not use extra sheets for your database of articles, that’s like running multiple “cold water lines” to the same faucet. Put all your articles on a single sheet. If the Excel/Word/Computer categories are relevant, add them as a new column on the one database sheet.

How do I create a staff knowledge base?

Here are a few pointers:
  1. Decide what information to include before you start. It goes without saying that the success of your knowledge base depends on the quality of your content.
  2. Choose the Best Knowledge Base Software for Your Company.
  3. Set Your Knowledge Base Structure Up.
  4. Make Sure Your Employees Can Give Feedback.

How do you create an internal knowledge base?

Building an internal knowledge base is easy with robust KM software, just keep the content relevant, easy to understand, and easy to find.

  1. Determine what problem you need to solve.
  2. Create a knowledge management plan.
  3. Create an implementation plan.
  4. Choose a knowledge base software.

What is the best knowledge base software?

  • LiveAgent – Best for handling multichannel support.
  • Document360 – Best for internal use.
  • Zendesk – Best for larger businesses with technical setups.
  • Helpjuice – Best for detailed analytics.
  • ProProfs Knowledge Base – Best free knowledge base software for beginners.

How much is a knowledge base?

To get access to the knowledge base tools, you need to subscribe to the $89 per month plan.

Does Microsoft have a knowledge base?

The Microsoft Knowledge Base has more than 150,000 articles. These articles were created by thousands of support professionals who have resolved issues for our customers. The Microsoft Knowledge Base is regularly updated, expanded, and refined to help make sure that you have access to the very latest information.