How much algaecide to put in pool

Can you put too much algaecide in pool?

The presence of too much algaecide can lead to a foamy pool water. … Air pockets within the filter system can cause bubbles on the pool surface as well. The bubbles and foam resulting from too much algaecide will be much smaller in size.

How much algaecide do I put in a 20000 gallon pool?

When closing and winterizing your pool, it is important to remember to balance your pool water’s chemistry prior to closing and don’t forget the algaecide. Algaecide is simple and effective with one quart of winter algaecide typically enough to treat 20,000 gallons of water all winter long.

How do I add algaecide to my pool?

How much algaecide do I need for a 50000 gallon pool?

MAINTENANCE: Pour directly into pool at a rate of 16 oz. per 50,000 gallons of water {or} [3 fluid ounces per 10,000 gallons] {or} [1.5 fluid ounces per 5,000 gallons] {or} [0.3 fluid ounces (2 teaspoons) per 1,000 gallons] (0.5 ppm) every 5 – 7 days depending on weather and use factors.

Can you add algaecide during the day?

In addition to properly dosing your water, it is also recommended that the algaecide be added in the morning on a bright sunny day for best results. Algae are plants and grow in the presence of sunlight. Adding algaecide during algae’s best growth time will increase intake of the algaecide and make it more effective.

How much algaecide do I need for a 2500 gallon pool?

Answer: A standard dose should be about 4 oz. More may be needed if shocking to correct low sanitizer levels.

How much algaecide should I use?

Use the biguanide algaecide for your pool, measuring 16 ounces for every 10,000 gallons of water.

Should I add algaecide weekly?

How often should I use algaecide in my pool? Algaecide should be added to your pool water on a weekly basis. Preventing algae is the key to fun in your pool. Algaecides act as a backup to your normal sanitization program and prevent algae from starting and growing in the pool.

How much algaecide do I need for a 6000 gallon pool?

of Burn Out 35®, per 6,000 gallons of water. NOTE: Be sure to remove your cover before shocking and leave it off at least 8 hours. Use Algicide weekly by adding BioGuard® Backup Algicide. 6 ounces initially per 5,000 gallons and a a maintenance dose of .

How much algaecide do you put in a 24 foot pool?

Add pool algaecide at a rate of 12 ounces per 5,000 gallons of pool water.

How long does it take for algaecide to clear a pool?

It tends to be a bit of a work-in-progress and can take 1, 2 or even 3 weeks, depending on the state of your pool, but it’s definitely the easiest. We also personally like to recommend keeping an algaecide on-hand year round for monthly dosage.

How long after adding algaecide Can you swim?

It is best to wait 30 minutes after adding it to your pool. We recommend waiting at least 15 minutes to swim after adding algaecide to your swimming pool. Most algaecides are perfectly safe to swim with.

Does algaecide make pool cloudy?

If you add algaecide, keep in mind that some algaecide contains copper, which can actually make a pool cloudy. If the cloudiness persists 24 hours after shocking, then it’s possible that you used a poor-quality chlorine shock.

Should I run the filter after adding algaecide?

Add a dose of algaecide, bring your chlorine level high by shocking, and run the filter continuously until the problem clears. The next day you should vacuum up the deceased algae and backwash your filter. Algae thrives in hot weather and in pools with low or no chlorine.

Can algaecide turn pool green?

One thing agreed upon, however, is that the use of an algaecide product is most effective in the prevention of algae rather than the treatment of it. … The same way water can sometimes turn green in a perfectly sanitized pool, it can also turn green seemingly with no explanation after adding algaecide as well.

Can you put algaecide and clarifier in at the same time?

Never allow pool chemicals to contact each other, even a drop of algaecide, clarifier, antifreeze, or other liquids mixed with chlorine, can erupt into a raging fire. Mixing chlorine and acid (pH down) creates a deadly gas.

Can I put algaecide in with clarifier?


Please note that our liquid algaecides are compatible with alkalizing and flocculating agents used in other pool maintenance products. Our Liquid Algaecides are patented formulas that not only work as preventatives but as a pool clarifiers that inhibit algae growth of all types.

Why did my pool turn green after I put algaecide?

Heavy Metals

This is because it occurs naturally in well and some municipal water and also finds its way into the swimming pool water through some chemicals we use, such as some algaecides. Copper turns to a light green color when oxidized by chlorine inside your pool.

Does algaecide turn water blue?

If you add an algaecide containing copper or use Trichlor pucks that have copper (some HTH Trichlor pucks have copper in them) then that can cause the water to become colored and can stain pool surfaces.

Why does my pool look green but the water is clear?

When pool water turns from the clear blue that you are used to seeing into any shade of green, the most frequent reason is algae. A lighter shade of green means that it is likely a fresh formation, but a deeper green could mean a bigger problem.

How fast does algaecide work?

How long does it take for algaecide to work? Algaecide acts in the pool for five to seven days. Watch your pool for several days, and run the pump regularly to see if the mold comes back. After five-seven days, you can re-add the amount of algaecide you need for your pool to complete the algae removal process.