How to create a product bundle in salesforce cpq

What is product bundle in CPQ?

A bundle is a product with optional features or components that you want to include on a single quote line.

What is a product option in Salesforce CPQ?

Available in: All Salesforce CPQ Editions. Product Option Fields. To create or modify a price action, enter the information in the appropriate fields. Some fields aren’t visible or editable depending on the page layout and field-level security settings.

What is an option constraint?

Option Constraints allow you to enable or disable a Product Option for selection based on the selection of another product option in the same Bundle Product. You can apply multiple Option Constraints (OCs) to the single Product Option (PO) by selecting the same PO as the Constrained Option on all those OCs.

What is the difference between the product rule and the options constraint?

A single product rule can be applied to unlimited bundles, whereas an option constraint is specific to a single bundle. Product rules can select options with Add actions. Option constraints can only enable an option at best. Product rules can act on multiple options, but an option constraint is limited to just the one.

How do I create an option constraint in a group?

How to Setup?
  1. Navigate to the bundle product detail page, “Apple iPhone X Package” in this case. Go to Option Constraints related list and click New Option Constraint. Add Products Page.
  2. Enter below information and click Save. Constraint Name = enter meaningful name here. Active = True.