What does lurking mean on twitch

What does lurking do on twitch?

A lurk command is a simple addition to your stream that you can add on any streaming software of your choice. The command allows non-active audience members, often called lurkers, a way to show they are still supporting the stream despite their inactivity.

How do you lurk on twitch?

How to Lurk on Twitch? Lurking on Twitch is simple. All you do is sit in the stream, but don’t engage in any way other than being in the stream. Typically you will only lurk in one stream at a time, but there are ways to lurk in multiple streams.

What does lurking in chat mean?

lurk in chat. This means that they are letting you know they are here and watching but won’t be interacting. You can add a command to your stream so that lurkers can let you know they’re going to be around but won’t be engaging with the chat.

What does KEKW mean?

The meaning of KEKW is quite basic: it suggests laughter. And that’s why the Spanish Laughing Guy image was used to represent it on Twitch. Now you may ask: “But what is KEK?” And the answer is simple: KEK is the Koreans’ equivalent of the North American or European LOL.

Does lurking help streamers?

lurk command is a command that the streamer has created in their channel that allows viewers to announce that they are present in the stream, but lurking. … Viewers often use the lurk command to show the streamer that they are there to support them, but unable (or don’t want) to type messages in chat.

Can you lurk on discord?

The Discord app offers a handy feature called ‘Server Discovery’ where you can find a whole range of servers available for the things you love. … From there, simply click into a server to ‘lurk’. In this mode, you can browse the channels and content of the server and decide whether it’s right for you.

What’s wrong with lurking?

Lurking allows users to learn the conventions of an online community before they participate, improving their socialization when they eventually “de-lurk”. However, a lack of social contact while lurking sometimes causes loneliness or apathy among lurkers.