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How do you put a picture in a locket without a plastic insert?

Place a piece of tracing paper or regular paper over the photo recess.
  1. If you don’t have tracing paper, you can use tissue paper or any thin paper you can see through.
  2. Some lockets have a recess on both sides, so it can hold two photos, while others just have it on one side.

Is there an app to make locket photos?

Locket Studio™ is a free tool to help customers create perfectly sized photos for your Marathon® Locket. We hope you find the tool helpful and that you end up with a personalized piece of jewelry that is special and meaningful to you.

How do you get a picture in a small heart locket?

How to Fit a Photograph into a Locket
  1. Remove the Plastic Insert. Many lockets will have a plastic insert where the photo is supposed to go. …
  2. Choose and Prepare the Photo. The plastic insert is perfect for choosing the photo and outlining it to the exact size. …
  3. Put the Picture into the Locket. …
  4. Replace the Insert.

How do I print a picture for a locket?

You can follow these five steps to make the best photo prints for your locket!
  1. Measure Your Locket’s Frame Space. …
  2. Adjust The Image Size. …
  3. Match Your Resized Locket Picture To The Image Space. …
  4. Print The Picture. …
  5. Fit The Picture Inside Your Locket.

How do I print a small picture for a locket?

With OddPrints you can crop and resize images of your loved ones as small as you need to fit into any locket or charm. Whether it is a circle, oval, heart or something completely unique. Upload your photo, enter the size you need as a rectangle and we’ll send you the prints ready to trim to the shape you need.

How do you get a picture to fit in a locket?