How many employees does home depot have

How many employees does Home Depot have 2020?

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Home Depot Annual Number of Employees
2020 415,000
2019 413,000
2018 413,000
2017 406,000

Is Home Depot or Lowes a bigger company?

In 2020, Home Depot’s annual sales amounted to 132.11 billion U.S. dollars, whereas its main competitor, Lowe’s reached 89.6 billion U.S. dollars of sales. The Home Depot and Lowe’s Companies, Inc. are home improvement retailers which were founded in 1978 and 1946, respectively.

Is Home Depot owned by Walmart?

Does Walmart Own Home Depot In 2021? Walmart does not own Home Depot or any of its subsidiaries as of 2021. Rather, Home Depot is operated by its upper-level management, with major decisions coming from the board, who represent the company’s shareholders. Additionally, Walmart has never had any ownership of Home Depot.

What is Home Depot 2020 worth?

In fiscal 2020, The Home Depot had sales of $132.1 billion and earnings of $12.9 billion. The Company employs approximately 500,000 associates.

Who is the competitor of Home Depot?

The Home Depot competitors include Hajoca Corporation, Ace Hardware, HHGregg, Walmart and Huttig Building Products.

How much does one Home Depot store make a year?

The Home Depot and Lowe’s are two of the key retailers competing within the home improvement and do it yourself (DIY) industry in the United States. In 2018, each Home Depot store averaged about 49.4 million U.S. dollars’ worth of sales.

Who is the owner of Home Depot?

Bernard “Bernie” Marcus (born May 12, 1929) is an American billionaire businessman. He co-founded The Home Depot and was the company’s first CEO, and chairman until retiring in 2002.
Bernard Marcus
Known for Co-Founder of Home Depot
Political party Republican
Spouse(s) Ruth Rados Billi Marcus
Children 3

Who is the majority owner of Home Depot?

The Vanguard Group, Inc.
The Vanguard Group, Inc. is currently the company’s largest shareholder with 8.7% of shares outstanding. In comparison, the second and third largest shareholders hold about 6.7% and 5.5% of the stock.

What is Home Depot salary?

Home Depot sales associates earn an average of $11.34 an hour and department supervisors earn $15.82, according to Glassdoor. Cashiers earn just shy of $10 an hour, but lucrative benefits might make up for the lower pay.

How much does the CEO of Home Depot make?

Home Depot’s incoming Chief Executive Officer Craig Menear will earn an annual base salary of $1.3 million while Frank Blake, the company’s outgoing leader, will be paid $750,000 a year in his role as chairman.

What is Arthur Blank’s net worth?

8.2 billion USD (2021)
Arthur Blank/Net worth

How much is the owner of Home Depot worth?

Arthur Blank and Bernie Marcus cofounded Home Depot in 1978 after being fired from their jobs at a regional hardware store. Blank retired as Home Depot’s co-chairman in 2001 and bought the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons for $545 million in 2002 (his stake’s now worth $1.8 billion).

How Much Does President of Home Depot make?

Compensation by Company
Name And Title Total Compensation
Edward P. Decker President and Chief Operating Officer Total Compensation $5,929,279 View details
Richard V. McPhail Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer Total Compensation $4,954,489 View details

How much does a senior VP at Home Depot make?

The Home Depot Salary FAQs

The average salary for a Vice President is $166,656 per year in United States, which is 49% lower than the average The Home Depot salary of $332,888 per year for this job.

How much does a Home Depot Store Manager make?

The average salary for the role of Store Manager at The Home Depot in United States is $97,000.

How much money does Ann Marie Campbell make?

As the Executive Vice President – U.S. Stores of Home Depot, the total compensation of Ann Campbell at Home Depot is $3,719,410. There are 4 executives at Home Depot getting paid more, with Craig Menear having the highest compensation of $10,889,800.

How old is Ted Decker Home Depot?

How old is Edward Decker? Edward Decker is 57, he’s been the President and Chief Operating Officer of Home Depot since 2020. There are 12 older and 7 younger executives at Home Depot.

How much does the CEO of Home Depot Canada make?

Craig A. Menear
CEO Name CEO Pay Median Employee Pay
Craig A. Menear CEO Pay $13,995,092 Median Employee Pay $27,389

How old is Marie Campbell?

About 56 years (1965)
Ann-Marie Campbell/Age

What is Craig Menear salary?

Craig Menear made $13,995,092 in total compensation as Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President at The Home Depot Inc in 2020. $6,500,000 was received as Total Cash, $7,391,386 was received as Equity and $103,706 was received as Pension and other forms of compensation.

Where does Craig Menear live?

Flint, Michigan, U.S.