What is going in the old kmart building

What is going in the old Kmart building Watertown CT?

(WWNY) – A new retail store is coming to Watertown. … “Runnings,” a home, farm, and outdoor store, has purchased the old Kmart store next to Hannaford on outer Arsenal Street.

What is going in the Kmart building?

The 13-acre property at 2150 South Monaco Parkway will become Edera at Highline, a residential community development.

What is going in the old Kmart building in New Kensington PA?

A developer wants to build a grocery store and car wash on the former Kmart site in New Kensington in what would be a $1.8 million project, according to a paperwork submitted to the city. Demolition of the former Kmart store on Tarentum Bridge Road began recently. The store closed in January 2019.

What is going into the old Kmart in Bridgeville?

Burlington Coat Factory will be going into the old Kmart building.

What is going in the old Kmart building in Hagerstown MD?

Hobby Lobby to open in former Kmart building

calls for a $2.7 million project in the 46,720-square-foot building, according to documents on file with Washington County. The work will include a new vestibule area, new receiving area, new shelving, new offices, new restrooms and other changes.

When did Kmart New Kensington Close?

The store closed in January 2019, just shy of its 55th anniversary. The New Kensington store was the 54th in the Kmart chain when it opened with much fanfare on Feb.

What is going in the old Kmart building Ephrata PA?

This is the former Ephrata Kmart property 1127 S. State St. in Ephrata Township Thursday, April 1, 2021. Dutch-Way Farm Market is planning a new grocery store in Ephrata, taking part of a former Kmart that is being redeveloped by Good’s Store for its own new location.

Who bought Ephrata Kmart?

Good’s Store intends to reverse the site’s slippage emphatically. The local retailer bought the 11.5-acre tract on March 25 for $4.55 million from the lender of an earlier property owner. The lender, LNR Partners of Miami, Florida, had acquired the property in December 2019 through foreclosure.

What are they building at Chartiers Valley Shopping Center?

Planet Fitness has opened at the Chartiers Valley Shopping Center in Bridgeville.