What happened to tapout

How much did TapouT sell for?

The total value of the estate turned over to the children was valued by Williams in September at $7.1 million. Williams sold the majority of the Lewis children’s inheritance “for a song,” said Blake Rummel, the attorney for the children.

How did the TapouT guy died?

Photo of Charles David Lewis Jr., the co-founder of a $100 million company called TapouT who was killed in a Ferrari crash in Newport Beach in 2009.

What happens TapouT?

TapouT was sold to a conglomerate last year in a deal which has begun pivoting the company away from MMA to closer ties with the WWE. For his part, Caldwell says he’s not sure whether the company would have been sold if Lewis was still alive. But after the loss of Lewis, things just weren’t the same.

Who owns TapouT apparel?

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