What does the name antonio mean

What Antonio means?

In Latin Baby Names the meaning of the name Antonio is: Worthy of praise; of value. Saint Anthony is the patron sain of poor people. Famous Bearer: actor Anthony Hopkins.

What do Antonio mean in the Bible?

Antonio name meanings is Priceless, inestimable or praiseworthy.

What is the name Antonio in English?

In the English language it is translated as Anthony, and has some female derivatives: Antonia, Antónia, Antonieta, Antonietta, and Antonella’.

What is the personality of the name Antonio?

When people hear the name Antonio, they perceive you as someone who is full of life, uplifting, inspiring, and even charming. You are the life of the party with your lively, intelligent, and witty personality. Others will find you as strikingly attractive and like being the center of attention.

What does Miguel mean?

who is like God
The name Miguel is of Hebrew origin and means “who is like God.” It is the Spanish and Portuguese form of Michael.

Is Antonio a good name?

Antonio is also among an elite group of perennially popular names in the US, where it has always been among the boys’ Top 1000 since baby name record-keeping started in 1880.

Is Antonio a Mexican name?

Antonio is a Spanish, Italian and Croatian variant of the Latin name Antonius, an ancient Roman family name, which derived from the ancient Greek name Anteon, son of Herkules.

What does Miguel mean spiritually?

who is like God
Miguel means “who is like God?” (from Hebrew “Mikha’el/מִיכָאֵל” or “mikha/מִיכָ” = who is like + “el/אֵל” = God).

Is Miguel An angel?

Archangel is derived from the Greek words arche (prince) and angelos (messenger). Saint Michael is the only angel in the bible who is referred to as an archangel however Catholics refer to Michael, Gabriel and Raphael all as archangels.

What is the female version of Miguel?

Michaela (Hebrew מיכאלה) is a female given name. It is a female form of the Hebrew name Michael (מִיכָאֵל), which means “Who is like God”.

Pronunciation /mɪˈkeɪlə/
Gender Female
Word/name Hebrew
Meaning Feminine form of Michael, meaning “who is like God?”

Why does Miguel mean who is like God?

(Miguel Pronunciations)

Origin of the name Miguel: Spanish cognate of Michael, a Hebrew name derived from mīkhā’ē’l (Who is like God?). … He is the one closest to God and is responsible for carrying out God’s judgments.

What ethnicity is the name Miguel?

Spanish and Portuguese: from the personal name Miguel, equivalent to Michael.

What does Miguel mean in Greek?

From Spanish Miguel, from Latin Michāēlem, accusative of Michāēl, from Ancient Greek Μῐχᾱήλ (Mikhāḗl), from the Hebrew מִיכָאֵל‎ (mikha’él, “Michael”, literally “Who is like God?”).

Is Miguel a boy or girl name?

The name Miguel is a boy’s name of Spanish origin.

Are Miguel and Michael the same?

Meaning & History

Spanish and Portuguese form of Michael. A notable bearer of this name was Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra (1547-1616), the Spanish novelist and poet who wrote Don Quixote.

What is a nickname for Miguel?

vote. My friend Miguel from Chile often went by the nicknames “Mig” and “Lito.”

How common is Miguel Angel?

Since 1880 up to 2018, the name “Miguel Angel” was recorded 3,621 times in the SSA public database. Using the UN World Population Prospects for 2019, that’s more than enough Miguel Angels to occupy the country of Falkland Islands (Malvinas) with an estimated population of 2,921.