What does barge mean

What does barge mean in slang?

(tr) informal to push (someone or one’s way) violently. (intr; foll by into or in) informal to interrupt rudely or clumsilyto barge into a conversation.

What does barge out mean?

to move in a fast careless way, often hitting people or things. barge past/through/out etc: He barged past me without looking. Synonyms and related words. To move somewhere quickly.

How do you use barge in a sentence?

Examples of barge in a Sentence

Verb He came rushing down the stairs, barging into the crowd of people at the bottom. She barged through the door without even knocking.

What is a barge woman?

Filters. The female equivalent of a bargeman.

What is a barge in sea?

A barge is a kind of cargo-carrying vessel designed to transport passengers or goods through rivers or canals. Normally, these shipping vessels are long, flat-bottomed boats that do not have a self-propelling mechanism. … Some have open tops while there are covered barges to transport dry or liquid cargoes.