Where was children of the corn filmed

Where was Children of the Corn 2020 filmed?

Production. In 2020, news reported about the film to be a remake was announced and shot in Australia, during the COVID-19 pandemic, but was later revealed to be a prequel to Children of the Corn (1984).

What part of Iowa was Children of the Corn filmed?

Both the original Children of the Corn, made in 1984, and the remake, made in 2009, were filmed in several Iowa towns including: Sioux City, Hornick, Sergeant Bluff, Salix and Whiting. Below is the house referred to as Job & Sarah’s house in the movie. It’s located in Hornick, IA.

Was Children of the Corn filmed in Indiana?

Also partially filmed in Indiana are Hoosiers and Rudy. The classic 80’s thriller Children of the Corn was filmed almost entirely in Iowa. You can still go see many of the filming locations including Job and Sarah’s house at 325th St.

Is there a Gatlin Nebraska?

Gatlin is a small rural town in Nebraska, adjacent to the Hemingford Home. It is the main setting of Children of the Corn, where a sign states that the population is 4531.

Where is Jeepers Creepers located?

Mostly set on-the-road, the film was made in the area around Ocala in northern Florida. Most of the driving scenes were shot on what’s known locally as Tiger Trail, a dead-straight, north-south stretch of SW 180th Avenue Road, to the northeast of the town of Dunnellon.

Where was Jeepers Creepers 2 filmed?

Long Beach
Produced by Myriad Pictures and American Zoetrope, filming for Jeepers Creepers 2 took place in Tejon Ranch, and Long Beach, California.