Where is longwood gardens

What city is Longwood Gardens in?

Located in Chester County, PA, about an hour outside of Philadelphia, Longwood Gardens showcases more than 9,000 species and varieties of plants spread out across more than 1,000 acres of gardens and elaborate horticultural displays.

How much does it cost to go to Longwood Gardens?

Ticket Pricing
General Admission Christmas Admission
Adults $25 $30
Seniors (Ages 62+) $22 $27
College Student (with valid ID) $22 $27
Youth (Ages 5-18) $13 $16

What state is Longwood Gardens located?

Longwood Gardens/State
Longwood Gardens, botanical gardens in Kennett Square, near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S. The gardens are operated by Longwood Gardens, Inc., a private foundation, which, in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and other public horticultural institutions, sponsors expeditions to many parts of the …

How long does it take to walk through Longwood Gardens?

How long does it take to see the Gardens? Visit lengths vary, but we recommend planning on at least three to four hours to see the majority of the Gardens (including the Conservatory).

Who owns Longwood Gardens today?

Redman heads Longwood Gardens Inc., an operating foundation supported by the $700 million asset Longwood Foundation set up by Gardens founder Pierre S. du Pont, who led the DuPont Co. from 1915 to 1919 and reorganized General Motors Corp.

How long is the fountain show at Longwood Gardens?

Fantastic Fountains

The Main Fountain Garden features 12-minute daily Fountain Performances at 11:15 am, 1:15 pm, 3:15 pm and 5:15 pm, with additional shows on Friday and Saturday evenings at 6:15, 7:15, 8:15 pm and culminating at 9:15 with the spectacular 30-minute performance.

Do you have to wear a mask at Longwood Gardens?

We are continuing our cleaning protocols and offering hand sanitizer stations throughout the Gardens and recommend that you continue to follow CDC guidelines regarding masks. When visiting our Gardens, please do your part by honoring our visiting guidelines, and remaining home if you are sick or symptomatic.

Can you bring a picnic to Longwood Gardens?

The Picnic Area is available to Longwood visitors only, on a first-come, first-served basis. It is outside the main part of the Gardens, and is accessible only by car or motorcoach via Longwood Road. … Please note that outside food and beverages are not permitted in other areas of the Gardens.

Is there a lot of walking at Longwood Gardens?

From shaded woodland paths to sunny wildflower-lined trails, our Gardens provide perfect spots for relaxed strolls as well as more energetic treks. Take a peek at just a few of our welcoming walking trails below and discover much more with a visit to our Gardens.

Can you take engagement photos at Longwood Gardens?

When this couple heard a new fountain exhibit was opening, they knew Longwood Gardens would be the perfect place to take engagement photos! … We shot the week the fountains opened and it didn’t disappoint. I loved getting to wander around the greenhouses to a few of my favorite spots and being able to capture their love.

How much is parking at Longwood Gardens?

Longwood Gardens is located on US Route 1, about 3 miles northeast of Kennett Square, PA. Longwood is an easy drive and offers free parking!

Can you eat at Longwood Gardens?

Dine at Longwood Gardens

Visit The Café for an à la carte menu suitable for the whole family, no reservations required. 1906 offers a full-service dining experience—advance reservations required.

Is Longwood Gardens nice in the fall?

Crisp, fresh, and altogether refreshing, autumn at Longwood is a season of constant shifts in hue and texture … yet ever-present beauty. Marvel at our spectacularly painted vistas, stroll through our picturesque Meadow Garden rippling with life, and find family fun in our whimsical Garden Railway.

What is the best time to visit Longwood Gardens?

Whether you are a big fan of botanical gardens or not, there are few more beautiful landscapes in Pennsylvania than Longwood Gardens. The gardens are open 365 days a year, but the best times to visit are either mid-April through mid-October or during the holiday season.

How many acres is Longwood Gardens?

1,100 acres
About Longwood Gardens

Today, Longwood Gardens is one of the world’s great horticultural displays, encompassing 1,100 acres of dazzling gardens, woodlands, meadows, fountains, 10,010-pipe Aeolian organ and 4.5-acre conservatory.

Is Longwood Gardens open year round?

Year-round in the Gardens

There is something to discover every day of the year at Longwood. Our Indoor Children’s Garden is home to a creative crew of garden residents, innovative water features, and an amazing palette of plants to inspire imaginations of all ages.

Is Longwood Gardens better at night?

The lights are better at night. over a year ago. I would go an hour or so before sunset. You can view the indoor places anytime but the gardens can be seen better in the daylight.

How big is Morris Arboretum?

175 acres
The Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania (37 ha / 92 acres) is the official arboretum of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The Arboretum is open daily except for major holidays.
Morris Arboretum
Area 175 acres (71 ha)
Built 1889
Architect Theophilus Parsons Chandler Jr.; Wilson Eyre Jr., et al.

How long can I stay at Longwood Gardens?

Stay as long as you wish once you enter the Gardens. GUESTS not included in a Membership require a timed admission ticket. We cannot accommodate a Member’s request for tickets if we are sold out.

What township is Kennett Square in?

Kennett Square/Counties

Is Longwood Gardens Christmas worth it?

It’s well worth a visit any time of the year. If you go at Christmas and do NOT see the lights, you still have the pleasure of seeing the Christmas trees, the exotic plants, and being in the Conservatories where it’s always springtime, no matter how cold or snowy it is outdoors. over a year ago. Both day and night.