How old is android 18

How old is Android 18 in the cell?

Assuming their number designation could be a hint to their approximate age when they were introduced, as they were kidnapped as children, this would make both Android 17 and 18 in their late 20’s or early 30’s by the end of the Dragon Ball Super anime.

Can Android 18 get old?

According to Toriyama in an interview, yes they age. However they age slower than everyone else. Probably even slower than the Saiyans. I don’t know if he touched upon whether or not 17 and 18 would outlive most of the other cast.

Is Android 18 still powerful?

While 17 and 18 possess infinite energy and were somewhat evenly matched in the Cell Saga, 17 is much stronger than 18 now. Also, though Dragon Ball Super confirms that Android 18 is still stronger than Krillin, the difference between her and her husband may not be as large as it was once believed.

Who is Krillin’s wife?


How old is Goten in GT?

23 Years Old
8 Goten: 23 Years Old.

How old is Piccolo in super?

10 He’s 25 Years Old

Going off of the details provided from the manga and anime, Piccolo is recently 25 at the start of Dragon Ball Super, which begins in Age 778. To get even more technical, Piccolo would be 31 during the epilogue that’s shown at the end of Dragon Ball Z.

Is Android 18 stronger than Goku?

Android 18 is very likely on the same level as Piccolo or maybe slightly stronger or weaker. Android 17 on the other hand is definitely stronger than SSJG Goku but not stronger than SSJB Goku.

What’s Vegeta’s power level?

Dragon Ball Z
Character Power level Source
Vegeta 18,000 Vol. 21, #249
Goku 10,000 Movie 6 Pamphlet
Piccolo 8,000 Movie 6 Pamphlet
Gohan 6,000 Movie 6 Pamphlet

How old is pan?

Pan, 100 years later The very last part of Dragon Ball GT also shows Pan as an elderly woman and is now a great-great-grandmother to Goku Jr. after 100 years, making her 110 years old.

How old is Frieza?

How old is Frieza in Dragon Ball Super? He is over 70 years old in Dragon Ball Super. However, his fans generally assume that since his father, King Cold, had over 700 years old when Frieza arrived on Namek, he must have been a few centuries old too at that time.

How old is Zeno?

8.5 Million Years
7 Zeno (Over 8.5 Million Years)

How old is Chichi?

The one true love and wife of Goku, Chi-Chi has been living a happy life with her husband. He may not be present for her all the time, but he still cares for her and goes back to her when he’s not saving the Earth. She’s of the same age as Goku, being born on May 12, Age 737, and 47 years old by the end of DBZ.

How old is Krillin?

9 Krillin (44 Years Old)

How old is Vegeta in GT?

Vegeta was 48 years old at the start of Dragon Ball GT, which is apparently the age Saiyan’s start growing moustaches in the DBG universe.

How old is yamcha?

Yamcha battles Goku Yamcha is introduced as a 16 year old bandit that lives in Diablo Desert along with his companion, an anthropomorphic cat named Puar, and robs travelers who pass through.

Is Android 21 Gero’s wife?

Android 21 is Gero’s wife, she was human just like 17 and 18, but then Gero’s computer infused her with DNA of strong fighters. So she’s like a mix of 17/18’s Human with technological upgrades, and Cell with biological upgrades.

How did Android 18 have a baby?

Android 18 isn’t exactly an android, she’s specifically a cyborg. She was human once but Dr.Gero remodeled her and added cybernetics. Gero left her human enough to conceive a child.

How old is Yajirobe?

Gender Male
Date of birth Age 735
Date of death May 12th, Age 767 (Alternate timeline) Age 774 (Revived)
Height 5’5″ (165 cm)

Does Tien marry launch?

Launch is the love interest of Tien Shinhan from the Dragon Ball franchise. … After the tournament ends, Launch begins to have romantic feelings for Tien and she and Tien begin a relationship. After Son Goku discovers that Krillin has been murdered, Launch remains in her blonde form.

How old was Broly?

This makes the original Broly around 27 years old when he meets the Z Fighters and 34 years old at the time of his death in the animated movie Dragon Ball Z: Broly – Second Coming. While both Vegeta and Broly are middle-aged in the Dragon Ball Super movie, they both clearly haven’t missed a step.

What is Vegeta’s height?

5′ 5″

What is Mr Satan’s power level?

Mr Satan’s power level is around 10. We know Kid Goku had a power level of 10 and would have been able to beat Hercule in a fight. Mr Satan’s Power Level compared to Kid Goku.