How to create settlement rule in sap

What is the settlement rule in SAP?

Use. You need to create a settlement rule to settle the actual costs of a sender object. The settlement rule contains the distribution rules for the sender. For some sender objects, the system creates the settlement rule automatically.

How do you create a settlement rule in WBS in SAP?

Quick-step procedure
  1. Click the Settlement Rule button in the menu.
  2. Click in the Cat (Category) field and choose WBS element in the Maintain Settlement Rule: Overview screen.
  3. Enter the relevant project WBS element in the Settlement Receiver field.
  4. Click Back to return to the Change WBS Element: Basic Data screen.

How do you create a settlement rule in SAP PM?

If you want to settle sub-orders differently to the superior main orders, you can calculate the settlement rule for these sub-orders accordingly in Customizing by choosing Plant Maintenance → Maintenance and Service Processing → Maintenance and Service Orders → Functions and Settings for Order Types → Define Settlement

What does KO8G do in SAP?

The SAP TCode KO8G is used for the task : Actual Settlment: Int.

SAP TCode (Transaction Code) – KO8G.

SAP Tcode KO8G
Screen Number 1000
Transaction Type T
Module Controlling ► Overhead Cost Controlling ► Overhead Cost Orders

How do I view a settlement rule in SAP?

Go to CNS41/CN41. Select the WBS Element for which you want to see the settlement rules. Then Click on the Settlement Rule button. This will dispaly all the settlement receivers.

How do I change the settlement rule in SAP?

Call up the settlement rule of the order (see Calling Up a Settlement Rule ). Call up the distribution rule using a double click.

What is settlement rule in SAP PM?

Settlement Rule (SAP Library – Plant Maintenance (PM)) Settlement Rule. Definition. Defines what proportion of the costs on a sender should be settled to which receiver(s). For this, one or more distribution rules are assigned to each settlement sender.

What is cost settlement?

Total costs charged to the borrower that must be paid at closing, by the borrower, the home seller, or the lender.

What is SAP allocation structure?

An allocation structure comprises one or several settlement assignments. An assignment shows which costs (origin: cost element groups from debit cost elements) are to be settled to which receiver type (for example, cost center, order, and so on).

How do I change my settlement rule in SAP PM?

Go inside your current settlement rule in order (via. Go to option inside settlement rule OR via. rule number) and enter “validity to” period for previous months. Then settle all actual costs till previous month in KO88.