How to create roles discord

Can you a role in discord?

In order to mention a Role in Discord, you first need to have a role to mention! In the Server Settings , select Roles under the name of your server in the menu on the left. On the Roles page, click the + symbol next to Roles and type in a name for your new role.

How do I assign a role to a discord reaction?

To add reaction roles on Discord, you need to first create roles from your server’s settings. Then, invite Carl Bot to your server and set it up to allow members to assign their own roles. Before setting up the bot, make sure to create a text channel (e.g. roles) to add the reaction roles to.

What does Carl bot do in discord?

The Carl Bot is an advanced bot that allows you to manage logs, store chats, and create reaction roles, like many Discord server bots available online.

How do I get Carl BOT verified?

Is Carl BOT safe?

Carl Bot

Carl Bot is brimming with automod functions that make it one of the best moderation bots out there, and it lets you log name changes among people on your server, so you can make sure no one’s up to mischief.

Can you change Carl bot avatar?

You‘d have to make a api request to change your avatar or if you don’t want to go through that hassle just create a new application and set your avatar before adding a bot account to it. You are not changing the bot’s avatar, but the application’s icon.

How do I change a bot image?

To change your bot’s image icon, simply click on its icon on its page. This will let you upload a new image, or select an image from a URL, or our graphics library. Your bot’s image icon is just a still image, to give your bot animation, you can change its avatar.

How do I get embeds with Carl bot?

Editing an Embed

Use the embedsource command to obtain your embed’s content and layout. Copy the JSON Carlbot outputs. Paste the JSON into the embed builder on the dashboard (on the top-right where it says “Raw JSON”) then click “Apply”. Make your edits in the embed builder.

What are Carl BOT tags?

Tags are custom commands. They are easy to use and can be very powerful. With some ingenuity, you can create your own. It is for instance entirely possible to create an 8ball command, a hug command and many other things using just tags.

How do you ban with Carl bot?

ban <@member/ID> [days=2] [reason]

Bans the member from the server. This works even if the member isn’t on the server. If you supply a reason, it will show up in the modlogs and in discord’s built in audit log. Days refer to the amount of days to purge messages from them.

How do I make a welcome message with Carl bot?

Sets up a welcome message that will be sent when a new user joins. Not sure how your welcome/farewell/dm messages actually look? Just type ! testgreet and have the bot spit out all of them.

How do I create a welcome message in discord?

You can either send the welcome message in a Discord channel, or directly to the user through a direct message. To send a join message to a specific channel in your server, enable and configure the option “Send a message when a user joins the server”, and select a channel for the message to be sent to.

How do I make a welcome message in discord?

How do I make a role with Carl bot?

How do you make a reaction function?

To do this, you’ll need to enter the emoji you want people to react with to assign themselves the role, followed by the name of the role itself. The emoji you enter is the one users will need to react with to assign themselves the role. To add a role: Enter the emoji you want to assign the role.

How do I invite to Yggdrasil?

Just type –deathbattle @username to start a battle with someone, and Yggdrasil will do the rest!

How do I give someone a server role?

A quick way to add roles to members is to go to Server Settings > Members and click the little + button beneath every member to assign them a role.

How do I give MEE6 a role?

Once here, enable the option “Give a role to new users”, then add the roles you want MEE6 to give to new members when they join your server. For MEE6 to be able to give roles to new members, make sure MEE6 is above the role in your role hierarchy. Also, make sure that the MEE6 role has manage roles permission enabled.

Can Dyno give roles?

By default, Dyno will add the role to all humans. To make him remove the role, put a – before the role. You can only make Dyno mass add/remove roles once at a time.

How do I automatically add roles in discord?

Click the ‘+’ in the “ROLES TO GIVE” box and select the role you want visitors of your server to have granted to them automatically. Finalize your decision by clicking on the Save Changes button at the bottom of the screen.