How to create poll questions in webex

Can we do a poll in Webex?

Expand the Webex Poll Questionnaire Editor and select Download. The polling panel inside an event: This allows you to create, save, and open poll questions during an event. To add the polling panel open View > Panels > Manage Panels. On the Manage Panels page, select Polling from the Available panels and click Add.

How do I save a polling question in Webex?

Webex Training saves both group and individual results. Select File > Save As > Poll Results, and enter a name and location for the file. Save changes to poll results that you previously saved. Select File > Save > Poll Results.

How do you use a poll in a Webex team?

Pollbot (

Add questions, set a time to expire, and see results in real time even before the poll ends! To get started, just add Pollbot to your group space, mention it with the @ symbol then type “help”, or just message ‘help’ in a 1:1.

How do you use Q&A in Webex?

To use the Q&A feature:
  1. Locate the Panel buttons in the bottom right corner of your Webex window. If you do not see Q&A there, click on the More options button, shown below.
  2. Click on the Q&A button to enable the panel.
  3. Type your Question and press Enter or click on Send to submit your question.

How do I export a Q&A from Webex?

Save a Q and A Session

Training Manager automatically saves Q & A sessions every two minutes to the Webex folder in the My Documents folder on the host and presenter computers. In the Session window, select File > Save > Questions and Answers. Choose a location at which to save the file.

How do I ask a question on Webex?

Ask a Question in a Q and A Session

Open the Q & A panel. On the Q & A panel, type your question in the text box. (Optional) To edit your question, highlight the text you want to edit, and then right-click (Windows) or select ctrl and then click (Mac) to use the editing commands in the menu.