How to create mobile prototype in axure

How do I make a prototype in axure?

Sign in to your Axure Cloud account and click New Project to create a new artboard project. Click the + button at the bottom-right of the screen to add image files to the project, or follow the instructions here to upload artboards from Sketch. At the top of the page, click Build Prototype.

How do I use my axure hotspot?

Creating Hot Spots

The hot spot widget is available in the Common section of the Default widget library. Drag one from the Libraries pane and drop it onto the canvas to add it to your design.

How do you design in axure?

Is axure the best prototyping tool?

Is Axure the best prototyping tool? Axure is one of the leading prototyping tools for enterprise UX designers and digital design teams. However, Axure alternatives like Sketch and Figma are also popular because of their collaboration tools, handoff features, and plugin support.

Is axure easy to learn?

One of the main questions people ask is about how easy Axure is to learn. I think it’s pretty easy to use the Axure RP interface. The steeper learning curve comes in making the interactions do what you want, as is the case with most prototyping and animation programs.

How does axure work?

Axure is a fully integrated application that eliminates the need to use different design tools. For example, after creating user flows, customer journey maps, personas, storyboards, sitemaps, information architecture, and wireframes, designers can easily continue to complex prototypes—right inside Axure.

How do I create a wireframe in axure?

How does axure Rp work?

Axure RP files are organized into pages, which you can manage in the Pages pane. To add a page, click the Add Page button at the top-right of the Pages pane. Double-click a page’s name in the Pages pane to open it on the canvas.

Is axure RP free?

Free Licenses for Students and Teachers

More than 130,000 Axure RP licenses have been provided to students, teachers, and classrooms around the world. In the meantime you can download and use the free 30-day trial of Axure RP.

How long does it take to learn axure?

We teach you how to think like a programmer and stay a designer. We’ve broken core Axure training into eight lessons that take 1.5 – 2 hours each. We start with understanding the software environment (menus, panes, toolbars). We fully cover masters and Widget and Page Styles, which are life savers.

How do I open a axure file?

  1. Install Extension from Chrome Store. Install Extension.
  2. Open the Extensions Options.
  3. Check “Allow access to file URLs”
  4. Click the button below. View in Chrome.

How do I convert axure to PDF?

If you have a PDF application like Adobe PDF or Microsoft Print To PDF (which I think comes standard with Win10) then you can use File > Print and select the “Save to PDF” as your virtual printer. Works for a single page or all the pages in your prototype.

How do you do axure prototype test?

User Testing for Axure Prototypes
  1. Create a test. Create a new test in the Userbrain dashboard and add your public Axure prototype link.
  2. Set tasks. Set a list of tasks to be carried out by the tester or choose one of our predefined templates.
  3. Get testers.
  4. Watch videos.

How do I publish axure?

You can publish by clicking the Share button at the top-right of the Axure RP UI or via the Axure Cloud web interface at app. axure. cloud. You’ll get back a link to the published prototype that you can share with others and use on any device with a web browser.

Does axure generate code?

You can rely on Axure HTML. Axure is a prototyping tool and the HTML will provide reliable results on any browser. Perfect for testing issues.

How do I export an axure file?

To export a shared project to an RP file, open the shared project and use File->Export Shared Project to File in the main menu. Once exported, the RP file can be opened and edited as usual, but will no longer be connected to shared project.

How do I export an image from axure?

To export a single wireframe to an image, open the wireframe in the wireframe pane and select File->Export to Imagein the main menu. To export all of the page wireframes, select File->Export All Pages to Image in the main menu.