How to create ldt file in oracle apps r12

How do I get LDT files in Oracle Apps?

Loader Data File in Oracle Applications Environment

LDT files to an LCT file which is used for the configuration. LDT files can be exported from the Oracle database using the FNDLOAD function. LDT files can be opened and edited in a text editor, although doing so is not recommended.

How create LDT file concurrent program in Oracle Apps?

Step 1. First We need to know the CONCURRENT_PROGRAM_NAME and Application Short Name for the concurrent program which we want to create the LDT file. Step 2. Then we need to go the Oracle Application server back using PUTTY tool or any other tool and go to any Location under which we want to generate the ldt file.

How do I upload a LDT file?

We just need to upload the ldt file to the source instance and the Concurrent Program will be registered automatically in the source instance and its dependent AOL objects like , Executable , Parameters , Value sets will also create automatically through this LDT file.

What is Fndload command?

The FNDLOAD command / loader is a general-purpose utility that moves structured data between a text file and a database. In the download mode, data is downloaded from the database to a text file; in the upload mode and upload_partial mode,data is uploaded from a text file to the database.