How to create index in pagemaker

Which menu contains the index option in PageMaker?

PageMaker Utilities menu commands
PageMaker command InDesign equivalent
Utilities > Spelling Edit > Spelling > Check Spelling
Utilities > Book File > New > Book
Utilities > Index Entry Window > Type & Tables > Index
Utilities > Show Index Index panel in Reference mode (Window > Type & Tables > Index)
Sep 7, 2018

How do you add special characters to PageMaker?

Windows comes with an accessory called Character Map that lets you insert special characters. Most of these characters will be from symbol fonts, such as Singwinds, Symbol and Zapf Dingbats. Under Windows, click the Start button > Programme > Accessories > System Tools > Character Map.

How do I insert an arrow in PageMaker?

After drawing a shape, choose the arrow tool, and click on the shape. You’ll see handles appear, looking like tiny boxes. You can drag in the center to move the shape, or drag on the boxes to change dimensions. PageMaker sets up documents on a grid.