How to create gold fenrir mu online

How do you make fenrir MU Online?

Place 1 Broken Horn, 3 JOL and 1 JOC into the chaos machine to create a Horn of Fenrir. Chaos combination needs 10 million zen. Success rate for this step is 30%. Upon success a Horn of Fenrir (also known as Red Fenrir) will be created.

How do I repair fenrir MU Online?

Horn of Fenrir can be repaired. Fenrir contains maximum durability and it will decrease when damaged. Repair can be done using Jewel of bless.

How do you heal the Horn of Fenrir?

To heal a Fenrir put a Jewel of Bless on it. The Fenrir attacks with Plasma storm which is an exclusive skill (Mana 50, AG 20).

How do you make a third wing Mu?

Creating Level 3 Wings and Cape

Place your 2nd Lvl Wings+9+option, 1 Jewel of Creation, 1 Jewel of Chaos, Jewel of Soul Bundle (10) and 1 Ancient Item+7+option. The Success Rate is 60% and if the combination fails you lose everything. On success you receive a Feather of Condor.

How do you make 2.5 Wings?

To create 2.5 level wings you will need

This cloak is a sign of victory from battle of Death King. When you equip this cloak, you will get massive striking power… Evil’s wizard gave dark magic to a feather of dark phoenix. Huge power of phoenix and magic are blended to create new evil’s wing.

How do you get 4th Wing MU Online?

4th Wings
  1. 4th Wings.
  2. 1) Equip Wings. (1) You must be Level 800 or higher and have completed the 4th Class Upgrade to equip this item.
  3. 2) Combine Wings. (1) +13 or higher 3rd Wings can be used as materials to combine. (2) As with the 3rd Wings, the 4th Wings can be made through feathers and wings combination.
  4. 3) Features of Wings.

How do you get chaos weapon Mu?

The Chaos Weapon Combination is used, as the name suggest, to make Chaos Weapons.

Chaos Weapon Combinationedit

  1. Extra Jewels of Chaos (2% increase each one)
  2. Jewels of Bless (5% each one)
  3. Jewels of Soul (3% each one)
  4. and extra Any Items +4+4 (at least; % increase depends on type and level of the item).

How do you make a jewel of luck?

Jewel of Luck

Can be acquired from Blood Castle, Chaos Castle, CryWolf, Red Dragon Invasion and Golden Dragon Invasion (Box of Kundun +5), Kundun (Kalima Boss) and Cornucopia gift box.

How do you get chaos items in MU?

Talk with the Chaos Goblin located in coordinates (180, 100) in Noria. For the combination process, a specific amount of Zen is consumed. After confirming the success rate, press the Combine button. Upon successful combination, one Arch Angel Wing, Devil Wing, Butterfly Wing or Dark Wing will be randomly created.