How to create archive folder in lotus notes 8.5

Where is the archive folder in Lotus Notes?

Archive NSF file is created in the Data folder within a subfolder called Archive at “C:\Program Files\IBM\Notes\Data\Archive” (default location). This path can also be user-defined. Names.

How do I open my Lotus Notes Archive?

6. To choose the mail items to archive click on selection criteria.

How to unarchive emails in Lotus Notes?

  1. In IBM Notes click on “Archived emails
  2. Deselect the emails which you want to unarchive.
  3. Click on “return to inbox”. The selected emails will become unarchived and return to their original folder.

How do I split Lotus Notes Archive?

Click Next after selecting the preferred option to split Lotus Notes archive files. For instance, select Split by Size option. On selecting Split by Size, the software will ask for; Source File Path, Size to Split NSF file by, and Destination Folder to store the output.

How do you create an archive in Lotus Notes?

Follow these steps: Open your mail, select Actions > Archive > Settings > Criteria, and either edit existing criteria or create new criteria. This criteria will tell Notes which documents to archive and what to do with the documents. After editing or creating, select the desired criteria from the list and click Enable.

How do I reduce the size of Lotus Notes Archive?

How to Compress Lotus Notes NSF file?
  1. Open IBM Lotus Notes. Click on File >> Database >> Properties.
  2. Then click on “i” tab. You can see the information regarding the used space of your database.
  3. Click on Compact button to reduce the size of Lotus Notes database.

How do I compact Lotus Notes database?

  1. Open the database in Lotus Notes.
  2. Choose File – Database – Properties.
  3. Click the Info tab (second from the left – with the “i” on the tab)
  4. Click % used.
  5. If the percentage of a database in use drops below 90% (it contains more than 10% unused space), click Compact to compact the database.

How do I check my mailbox size in Lotus Notes?

Open your Lotus Notes from the mailbox select file –> Application –>Properties and this will bring up a Dialog box with details f the mail box. Now click on the ” i ” tab it will provide what is the mailbox size of your Notes.