How to create an order of service

What do you put in order of service?

The order of service may include hymns, songs, poems, readings, photographs, or anything else you would like added, creating a unique commemoration of someone’s life. It can become a special memory of a loved one to keep forever; for you, your family, and friends who came to say goodbye.

What do you write in a funeral order of service?

You will also want to include their name, their birth date and the date of their death. You may also want to include a short sentimental message or quote. Or just keep things simple with just the location and time of service.

How do you make a funeral order of service in Word?

How do I create a funeral program?

How to Create a Funeral or Memorial Program in a Few Steps
  1. Gather Personal Information.
  2. Use Compatible Software or Templates.
  3. Put Your Program Together.
  4. Choose Images and Fonts.
  5. Decide on Your Cover.
  6. Select a Printer.

What does a funeral program look like?

There are several sections in the funeral program. The cover may have a picture of the deceased, as well as their full legal name, date of birth, date of death, location and time of service, officiant, and a title for the funeral program (ex. “In Memory”, “Homegoing Celebration”, Celebration of Life” etc.).